Accuracy is an often overlooked stat in Free Fire - it affects the trajectory of the weapon and the chance that its bullets are going to hit a target at long range. This is why weapons like the shotgun class with only 10 points in accuracy can hit close targets easily. In this article, we are going to list out the 5 weapons (or group of weapons) with the highest accuracy in the game.

5 - CG15

Accuracy: 60

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The CG15 is a pretty special weapon in Free Fire - it has an alternate firing mode in which you can charge for a short duration to fire a damaging shot. Overall, the gun is a great choice early on when enemies don't have armor or helmets. Open a fight with a charge shot is ideal... you could even two shot an opponent if the charged shot was a headshot.

The weakness of the CG15 is its relatively low damage potential, with only 50 in damage stat.

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4 - Woodpecker

Accuracy: 69

Freefire Woodpecker Crop1603058631804 Jpg 55468846

The new semi-auto sniper rifle Woodpecker is at the fifth position on this list - it is one of the deadliest weapons in Free Fire yet - with 85 damage and 75 armor penetration, it pretty much has the highest theoretical damage in Free Fire (against targets with armor).

Comparing to the other weapons with the same role such as the SVD, SKS or M14, the Woodpecker is much more accurate.

3 - VSS

Accuracy: 73

Maxresdefault 4

The "mini assault rifle" VSS is surprisingly one of the most accurate auto weapons in the game - it can snipe people pretty accurately at a whopping 82 range. The weakness of the VSS is its low damage - if the enemy has high level armors or helmets.

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2 - Gatling

Accuracy: 79

Maxresdefault 5

The special "Gatling" gun is actually super accurate at long range - and with an ammo capacity of 1200, this is probably why the gun would never be part of normal modes. It is super hard to use the Gatling in special modes, as your movement speed would be cut down to a third.

1 - All Launchers, Snipers Rifles and the Crossbow

Accuracy: 90 

Maxresdefault 1

These weapons have the highest accuracy stat in Free Fire - which means they have a super high chance to hit the correct target when fired. This is probably an obvious statistic for the Snipers and Crossbow, the "assassination" weapons... however, the fact that the launchers are extremely accurate is a surprise.

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