Free Fire's character system is probably one of the most well-liked parts of the game. With the right combination, you could get a massive advantage on the battlefield and triumph over your enemies.

However, most of the time you would need the strongest character in Free Fire for that... and not everyone has Alok. In this article, we would list out the top 4 best character skill combinations in Free Fire without DJ Alok.

1 - Team Support combo: Olivia + K + Kapella + Notora

K's Jiujitsu mode would heal everyone in the area for 5HP per second, at the cost of EP. Olivia and Kapella is the best combo for reviving teammates, as their skills stack - a player revived by this combo would have a lot of bonus HP.


Notora is the source of unlimited heal - just drive a vehicle and get your team into it - the whole squad would get healed while driving.

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2 - Assaulter combo: Hayato + Wolfrahh + Jai + Luqueta

Jai Free Fire

This is probably the most aggressive combo on this list... and it gets better over time after you score some kills to get Luqueta and Wolfrahh's skill to trigger. Hayato and Wolfrahh's skills provide a lot of damage... while Jai would be a great help when you are having to face multiple opponents.

3 - Sniper combo: Laura + Rafael + Hayato + Clu

Using this combo you would be able to snipe silently and accurately from afar, due to Rafael and Laura's ability. With Hayato's skill, you can deliberately choose to stay at low HP to increase the damage of your shots (this works best at long range as you are less likely to be attacked). Clu's tracking ability is the last piece of the puzzle, as you would be able to see the exact location of your enemy when scoring a hit.


4 - Rusher combo: K + A124 + Jota + Hayato

This is the best combo if you like to go close and personal - with A124 and Jota's ability, you can even go against multiple opponents in close range and come back alive. K's skill would fuel A124's EP cost while Hayato is just some extra damage on top of that.

Image 5 Free Fire Hayato Story

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