Free Fire's character system is probably the most unique thing about the game. You could mix and match various unique skills together to create a special skill set that would give you an advantage over your enemies... and this is exactly why character releases are so hyped.

Free Fire New Character K Ability

In this article, we would list everything you need to know about Free Fire New Character K Ability and various tips and tricks on how to use it.

1 - About K's Design

K's design was based on the American DJ KSHMR. He is the fifth character in Free Fire that was based on a real life celebrity... and the second DJ in Free Fire after Alok.

Free Fire New Character K Ability
K's ability has a pretty big radius, bigger than Alok's

K's base appearance is more stylish than functional - he wears a long red coat that opens up at the torso, showing his tattoo. The tattoo is the logo of the character, with a stylized letter K inside a triangle. Combined with his triangle-shaped belt buckle and long boot... K looks like a fictional martial artist.

2 - K's Character Story

When K was in high school, he got into a car crash and injured his spine. This is a pretty serious injury and his doctors said that K would never walk again. However, the guy refused to give up - he went to physical and psychological therapy... and found a trainer to push his body to the limit.

Free Fire New Character K Ability
K also has his own special "Captain Booyah" emote as well

These actions yield great results. K's recovery was fantastic - he was able to walk after a year and just one year later, he could even play sports. K has recovered from his injury fully... and from the experience, he has learned a great lesson and gained a new power. He can now read and understand people around him easily.

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3 - Free Fire New Character K Ability

K's skill is a passive ability called "Master of All", which rather fits with his back story of being a professor and jiujitsu expert. Master of All has two effects that can be toggled between one another - this is the first time a skill like this was introduced in Free Fire. It can be considered that K has two skills instead of one.

Free Fire New Character K Ability
K's appearance in game

About the effect of his skill... well, K's story translates pretty well into Master of All, with everything about him related to recovery. Master of All has three effects: the first two effects are constant while the last one gets stronger with levels.

  • Max EP increases by 50.
  • Jiujitsu Mode: Himself and allies within 6m get a 500% increase in EP conversion rate. This means a 5 hp per second heal.

Psychology mode levels:

  • Unlock at Level 1: Recover 2 EP every 3s, up to 100 EP. Mode switch CD: 20s.
  • Unlock at Level 2: Recover 2 EP every 2.8s, up to 110 EP. Mode switch CD: 20s.
  • Unlock at Level 3: Recover 2 EP every 2.6s, up to 120 EP. Mode switch CD: 20s.
  • Unlock at Level 4: Recover 2 EP every 2.4s, up to 130 EP. Mode switch CD: 20s.
  • Unlock at Level 6: Recover 2 EP every 2.2s, up to 140 EP. Mode switch CD: 20s.
  • Unlock at Level 8: Recover 2 EP every 2s, up to 150 EP. Mode switch CD: 20s.

An airdrop playcard would drop at level 5 and K's banner would unlock at level 7.

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4 - Tips and Tricks on using K's ability

Overall, K's ability is perfect against chip damage - as long as you can escape, you would be able to get back to full with his ability. It is a great support tool in Jiujitsu mode as well - with the thing active, you can even heal as much as Alok in a bigger AOE (with the cost of some EP, obviously).

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It is best to combine K's ability with Alok and Kapella for the maximum amount of heal possible - you can heal teammates for 110 HP in 10 seconds with both K and Alok's abilities active. You can't fill up his 250 EP pool with just his own ability, however - you would need to get some mushrooms after the 150 EP limit.

With K's EP recovery passive, A124's is probably the best choice - you would be able to activate it three times in a row without having to find mushrooms. This can easily be translated into 3 kills, as A124's Thrill of Battle ability is the best in a 1 versus 1 situation.

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