Free Fire is a skill-based shooter in which everyone has to hone their mechanical skills and tactical ability to climb to the top. To gain more rank, you need to improve your kill score... and the fastest way to score a kill is to headshot your enemies.

In this article, we would discuss some of the most notable tips and tricks to land one tap headshots more frequently in Free Fire.

1 - Device sensitivity

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In general, you would need to set your device at a pretty low sensitivity so that your aim becomes more stable. The most popular sensitivity settings to do one tap headshot is General Sensitivity 85 and Red Dot sight Sensitivity 100.

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2 - Custom HUD

Image 4 Best Custom Hud Settings In Free Fire

Try to modify the game's layout to accommodate your finger and device better - especially if you are using three or four finger claw settings. Try to leave the Joystick and Fire in a good position so that it would be easier to tap and drag.

3 - Crosshair position

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Aim your crosshair a little bit above your enemy to make use of auto-aim. In Free Fire, when the gun fires, the auto aim would drag the crosshair toward the enemy. Because of that, if you are aiming upward, it would be dragged on their heads.

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4 - Dragshot is a useful technique

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Try to perform Dragshot by drag the fire button upward and the joystick downward at the same time. It would bring down the crosshair directly to enemies' headlines and enable you to take them out in one shot.

5 - Crouch or Prone

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If possible, crouch or prone while firing your weapons - it would increase the stability of the gun by a lot... in exchange for your mobility.

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