Free Fire is a rather Pay-to-Win game, with weapon skins and character skills giving stats advantage... and the worst part is most of them can only be bought using diamond. However, there is a way for you to bypass this... and get all the diamonds you have ever wanted for free. In this article, we would showcase the best Free Fire Diamond Hack New Version so that you would be able to get an unlimited amount of diamonds to buy anything you want.

Free Fire Diamond Hack Latest Version
Free Fire Diamond Hack Latest Version can give you unlimited resources

There are other hacks incorporated as well - including aimbot, wallhack and the like. Just remember to create another account for the hack, as you might get banned if you are not careful.

1 - Where to get Free Fire Diamond Hack New Version?

There are two trusted pages to get Free Fire hack: and You need to get to these two pages and browse for Free Fire in the search bar. In kingmodapk, there are two versions of the hack - one with only the diamond hack active and one with everything installed, even aimbot. This is probably to cater to players who just want to dress up nicely without actually cheating with aimbot.

Free Fire Diamond Hack New Update can be acquired here
Free Fire Diamond Hack New Update can be acquired here

If you want, you can also download hacks for a lot of other games - from PUBG Mobile to Ludo King or Clash of Clans... and most of them are hacks to unlock all premium currencies. The best feature of this site is that it updates the versions of the hack based very frequently to counter Garena's anti-cheat software. Just bookmark the site on your browser and check it occasionally for the new version of the hack.

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2 - How to install Free Fire Diamond Hack New Version?

Firstly, you would need to get the APK and OBB files from the site. Get to the game's page and click on download - on kingmodapk you would see a download page appear, with links for the latest version along with various older versions of the hack. It is recommended to just get the latest one, as older hacks might not work anymore.

Free Fire Diamond hack new website
This is one of the best Free Fire Diamond hack new website

You need to make sure that "unknown sources" is enabled on your device to install the APK file into your phone (they can be turned on in Settings). It might be a good idea to uninstall any other versions of the game on your device before doing this.

Copy the OBB data folder to this path Sdcard > Android > OBB before running the game. You would need to extract the folder from the compressed file first, as the downloaded file from the site is in RAR. Download the RAR app from the Google Play Store to accomplish this task. You can also download the files to a PC, decompress then transfer them onto your phone using a cable.

free fire diamond hack mod apk latest version
Decompress the data file with this app

Run the game after the data files are in the OBB folder and enjoy the hacks.

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3 - What are the main features of Free Fire Diamond Hack New Version?

Auto Aim & Fire (Aimbot)

This feature is probably the most popular among people who want to cheat for real - they ensure that hackers would always win by automatically move their crosshair towards enemies' heads and shoot. While this only works if the hacker sees other players, the built-in wallhack makes sure that it happens.

There are two extra features on this hack to modify between headshots and "more damage" shots. Overall, you should not use the headshot feature, as enemies might report you for it.

Free Fire Hack Aimbot
Headshot aimbot in Free Fire

Unlimited Health

This would ensure that you never lose... however, this feature is rarely used by people, as it would make the game too easy. You can also perform insane feats like jumping down from a very high place without dying.

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Unlimited Gold and Diamonds

With this mod active, you would get like a hundred million diamonds and gold to do whatever you want, from buying characters to weapon skins to crates.

free fire diamond hack mod apk latest version
Unlimited resources in Free Fire

Wall Hack

Another popular hack in shooter games - this feature lets you see through walls and covers and detect your enemies.

free fire diamond hack mod apk latest version
There are a lot of features in this hack

Get Airdrop Weapons Instantly

You can modify it so that airdrop weapons would spawn instantly as well - this would let you use any weapons you want right away.

Cheat Detection Bypass

You need to download the new hack version from the site regularly to keep the hack on without getting detected. The best part is that this hack does not require root so it is pretty straightforward to install.

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