While other battle royales have to create a separate version of the game and downgrade it to fit lower-end phones, Free Fire pretty much did the opposite of that - they created Free Fire Max. It is an enhanced version of the normal Free Fire, with improved effects and graphics for higher-end devices.

Currently, the game is in the beta testing phase and is expected to be released soon. In this article, we would list out the top 5 things that Free Fire Max improved over the original.

1 - Graphical Improvements

This is probably the main draw of Free Fire Max. While the original game's best setting is only Ultra, Max players can enjoy an even better mode called Super Ultra. All objects, character textures, special effects and shadows would be improved massively.

Garena Free Fire Spooky Night Android 6
Max looks much better than normal Free Fire

2 - Bigger File Size

Due to the upgraded graphics, Max requires a lot more storage space on your device. While the original game's size is only about 500 MB, Max is going to be 1.5 GB +.

Textures for items are going to be more detailed in Max

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3 - Draw distance

Players would be able to look at even further objects now, as Max would use the higher performance to render an even bigger area. This can somewhat affect gameplay, as Max players would have the ability to detect players at a longer distance than normal players.

Free Fire Max 26606 8
The draw distance is a very important feature in a game like Free Fire - a lot of engagements occur in longer ranges

4 - Higher hardware requirements

You would need a device of at least 2GB of RAM or more on your device to run Free Fire Max.

Free Fire Max 26606 2
To run the game at Ultra it might even require 4GB.

5 - Max players and Normal Players would be able to play together

This is probably the best part about Free Fire Max. Unlike PUBG Mobile, Garena is not going to split its player base - all Free Fire players of both versions would be able to play together like normal... and you would be able to use your normal Free Fire account to log into Max.

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