Halloween is almost here... as October is coming to an end. While in India we don't celebrate Halloween for real... but nothing can stop us to do that in Free Fire. In this article, we are going to list out the top 10 best Halloween costume bundles in the game.

1 - Lab Giant

The Lab Giant bundle is based on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, a huge undead monster created by stitching various pieces of corpses together. It is usually described as a giant monster with green skin. You can acquire this bundle in the shop now for 1200 diamonds.


2 - Vampire's Revenge

This bundle is based on the traditional videogame vampire with grey skin, white hair and red eyes. The coat and pants are pretty stylish, with details based on 19th century's designs. This bundle can be exchanged with 1 magic cube in the shop.


3 - Bloody Mistress

The female version of the Vampire's revenge bundle. Overall, this skin is super sexy, with the female character wearing a corset leotard with a low neckline and long boots showing part of the thighs. You can't get this bundle at the moment.


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4 - Skeleton Magician

The skeleton magician bundle is based on various South American designs - these magicians usually appear in carnivals. The best part of the bundle is probably the human skeleton motif that covers the wearer from head to toe. You can acquire this bundle by paying 99 diamonds in the shop.


5 - Skeleton Mistress

The female version of the Magician - the bundle doesn't look as good, as the character's face is not covered with skeleton details at all. You can get this skin from Oni Soulseeker's Diamond Royale spin.


6 - Pink Spirit

This costume would turn the player into a huge pink monster - it looks super creepy. This bundle can be acquired from the Loot Crate Pink Spirit.


7 - Heart Devil

This bundle is more sexy than scary, with the female character dressed in a red latex devil costume with small bat wings on the back. You can acquire this bundle by buying the Angel & Devil pack in the shop.


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8 - Golden Bell

This set is based on the Chinese Vampire "Jiangshi", who sucks energy from humans at night and sleeps in a coffin during the day. You can get this bundle by exchanging 1 magic cube at the shop.


9 - Cunning Witch

This bundle would turn your female character into a cute witch. Overall, the set looks pretty refreshing with a mix of many bright colors - finish up with a large purple hat and black bat-winged shoes.


10 - Pumpkin Warrior

Pumpkin Warrior is probably the top tier horror bundle on this list, with the other ones focused on being cute. Your character's face would be completely covered with a Jack-o'-lantern pumpkin mask... with a knife stabbed on its top. This bundle can be bought straight from the shop for 1200 diamonds or unlocked from a loot crate.


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