Winning a battle royale match in Free Fire solo is not easy - you would have to go against the other 49 players, one of the biggest challenges in all shooters. Even pro players can only win 1 out of 4 matches in solo mode. In this article, we would list out the 10 most useful tips and tricks so that you could boost your winning chance in Free Fire solo matchmaking.

1 - Set your loadout carefully

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Preparation is essential - you would need all the advantages you could get on the battlefield. Remember to fill all the skill slots with useful abilities and pets. Furthermore, quipping loadout items like Airdrop or Scan can also make or break your game - try not to play a game without loadout items equipped.

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2 - Land as fast as possible

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This might seem to be not a big deal, but landing on the ground first is actually a huge advantage. You have the chance to pick up a weapon first and shoot down enemies who are landing on the same spot. Turn on Auto Parachute in controls and equip the Falcon Pet to land as fast as possible.

3 - Avoid fights when looting

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If there is not enough loot or too many enemies are around, try to avoid fights until you have gotten your hand on an optimal set of gear.

4 - Always be vigilant

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Frequently check the minimap and the area around you - you might want to turn the sound effect higher to listen to enemies' footsteps as well.

5 - Make use of Gloo Walls

Gloo Wall 1024x576

Prepare to use Gloo Walls immediately on enemy encounters - this would give you a temporary cover and buy time for a counter-attack or retreat.

6 - Don't stay at the same spot for too long

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You have to constantly chase the safe zone - if you are not careful, it would be too late. Try to move on to the next safe location as soon as its location is revealed.

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7 - Don't run in a straight line

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If you are detected, try to sprint, jump and crouch frequently while moving to throw off enemies' aim

8 - Watch out for hidden traps

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Landmines and decoy grenades are often overlooked due to their rarity. Always take a clear look at where you are going - an active landmine would have a green light on top. You can either avoid it or shoot it once to detonate.

9 - Don't engage when it is not necessary

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Don't shoot at enemies as soon as you detect them - try to take a few seconds to ascertain the situation first. If they are fighting another enemy, you can just wait for both of them to be damaged first before coming out.

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10 - Stay inside cover in the last circles

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In the final zones, it is best to wait for the enemies to come to you instead of going after them - try to get a good cover and camp the nearby zone from it.

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