Free Fire's character system is one of the most innovative parts of the game. You can equip up to 4 skills with your character when descending down onto the map - and they more often than not play a big part in your performance on the field.

In this article, we would list out the top 3 best character skill combinations in October 2020 - with the addition of K, Jai and Luqueta, the old guide doesn't work anymore.

1 - Supporter / All Rounder combo: Alok + K + Kapella + A124

K's Jiujitsu mode stacks with DJ Alok's Drop the Beat... and when both skills are active, your character would heal for 10 HP per second in an AOE. And after the 10 seconds duration of the skill, your team would probably be healed back up to full.


A124's skill can take advantage of K's EP regen ability - you would get up to 3 free uses of A124's Heat of Battle for 50 HP per pop. Kapella's skill is the last piece of the puzzle - it boosts all healing of all 3 skills above by 10%.

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2 - Attacker / Rusher combo: Hayato + Wolfrahh + Laura + Jai/Luqueta

This is a purely aggressive combo - the damage bonuses from Hayato and Laura would let you win in most 1 vs 1 fights... and when Wolfrahh and Luqueta's bonuses stack up later, your character would be more dangerous than ever.

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If you want to rush, Jai's Furious Reload is probably the better choice than Luqueta's Extra HP.

3 - Sniper combo: Rafael + Laura + Hayato + Clu

You would be able to snipe from afar without getting detected by the enemies using this combo. Hayato's armor-piercing skill is extremely strong on sniper rifles, as you can stay at low HP without having to worry about getting killed. Rafael's Dead Silent would prevent enemies from detecting your location on the minimap... and Clu's detection skill would tag the enemy for a second shot.


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