Bundles are special sets of costumes that players can unlock in Free Fire, either through the Elite Pass or the various Royales. However, not all bundles are created equal... some look much better than the other.

In this article, we would list out the top 10 bundle in Free Fire 2020. The sets listed below are the best cosmetics you could get in the game.

10 - Vampire Bundle

This bundle can only be acquired through Diamond Royale... and it is probably the only Vampire themed bundle in Free Fire to date. Both looks are super cool, with the male vampire look exactly like Vergil in Devil May Cry... and the female vampire "Bloody Mistress" dressing in a sexy leotard.

Vampire Bundle 
The Bloodlust Mistress is probably the sexiest set of costumes in the game

9 - Anubis Legend Season 1 Bundle

Overall, the season 1 bundle of Anubis Legend is much better than the current season, with the male character dressing in some kind of Egyptian Ironman outfit. The female outfit is sexy enough... except for the headpiece covering the whole face.

8 - Dragon Slayers Bundle

The dragon slayer bundle is definitely inspired by the usual "fantasy demon" design... with spikes everywhere. But that's definitely what makes it so good. The female set is probably the better part of this bundle, as it is pretty much a form-fitting jumpsuit, which is super sexy.

Dragon Slayers Bundle
The dragon slayers bundle actually look much better than this in-game

7 - Gunslinger Bundle

Who wouldn't want to dress like a cowboy... with their badass long coat and hat. The Gunslinger bundle would definitely make that wish come true. Both the female and male set looks about the same - they are in a lighter color uncommon to the usual cowboy outfits. The female set is somewhat sexier with an open navel and chest line.

Top 10 Bundles In Free Fire
A perfect bundle to wear if you are a sniper... however, it would look better if they are in black instead of brown

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6 - Fabled Fox Bundle

The fabled fox bundle took inspiration from the Japanese "yokai kitsunes", with masks on both the male and female set decorated with fox faces. The rest of the costume is a stylized kimono - which looks pretty futuristic. There have been quite a few Japanese-inspired costumes in Free Fire... and this one is probably amongst the top tier.

Top 10 Bundles In Free Fire
The masks are the best part of this set... the long coat and kimono could definitely use some more work

5 - Blood Demon Bundle

Another Japanese-inspired bundle on this list - the Blood Demon took inspirations from the Japanese Oni - which are usually depicted as angry and bloodthirsty. This overall makes an awesome character design. This set is pretty covered, however - especially the female character. If you want something sexy, it is better to pick some other sets.

Top 10 Bundles In Free Fire
The blood demon set is actually super scary... with the glowing red eye effect

4 - Ghost Pirate Bundle

The second pirate-themed bundle in Free Fire looks much better than the first one. The male bundle has a long open coat and tricorne - a much better combo than the previous bundle's awkward no-sleeves jacket. The female bundle is fairly sexy, with a low neckline and an eyepatch.

Top 10 Bundles In Free Fire
The Ghost Pirate is the best pirate themed set ever released in Free Fire

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3 - Devil Hunter Bundle

The Devil Hunter bundle is probably based on the famous vampire hunter Van Helsing's design, with crossbow, hat and heavily armored arm and legs. Overall, this bundle is definitely worth buying if you like its mystical theme.

Top 10 Bundles In Free Fire
Devil Hunter definitely deserved its position in the top 10 best bundles in Free Fire

2 - Lab Giant Bundle

This bundle would turn you into the famous Frankenstein monster, which was created through an experiment on the undead. When equipped with the bundle, your character would become incredibly muscular - with an electrical device placed on where his heart should be. The green skin also blends pretty well with the environment around.

the top 10 best bundles in Free Fire
The Lab Giant bundle is amongst the top 10 bundle in Free Fire due to its general creepiness

1 - Celestial Street Bundle

Free Fire has been releasing a lot of great bundles over the year... and they have been improving a lot since. The newer bundles look much better than the older ones... and Celestial Street is probably the best example of that. It is yet another Japanese inspired bundle... but this time, everything has a futuristic touch - from the costumes to the masks.

the top 10 best bundles in Free Fire
The futuristic samurai sets are the best bundle ever released in Free Fire to date

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