Bermuda, the most popular map in Free Fire has just been updated in the recent patches with a brand new layout. In this article, we would list out the best 5 spots to land on the map to get an early advantage over your enemies.


5 - Pochinok


While Pochinok has been pushed to the south of the map after the newest update, it is still worth checking out. The rarity of loot on this spot is pretty decent and there's enough loot for a whole party. After clearing out the site, you can head toward the factory or Mars Electric to fight.

4 - Shipyard


The Shipyard has top tier gears and some of the best weapons spawns in the game. The place lies on the north coast and is pretty compact - looting it would be pretty easy. Just be careful of snipers that usually lurk on the top of those four cranes.

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3 - Sentosa


Sentosa is the island on the southeastern coast of Bermuda. The site is cut off from the main island through 2 bridges - you would need to be very careful when crossing them. Loots are scattered all over the island - if you are trying to land, it is best to drop on one side and walk to the other.

2 - Bimasakti Strip

Bimasakti Tower

Bimasakti Strip is the most popular location on Bermuda due to the likelihood of it becoming the final zone - if you are going to land on this spot, prepare yourself for a fight. If you managed to push off enemies' incursions, the site would be pretty safe for the later blue zones.

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1 - Peak


The Peak is the best location to get a sniper rifle in Bermuda. It is also a great vantage point as well - if you are up for some sniping action, this spot is probably your best bet. Furthermore, the peak is also near the middle of the map - you would have an easier time retreating to the safe zone.

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