Reloading is actually the action that people perform the most in shooters... and Free Fire is not an exception. A lot of players have the tendency to reload every time they shoot a few bullets - this is good... but need to be kept in moderation, as enemies could attack at that exact moment.

In this list, we are going to list the 4 weapons with extraordinary long reload time so that you would be able to deal with the problem when using them.

4 - AWM

Reload: 34


It is probably not a surprise that the AWM has one of the longest reload time due to its extremely high damage. You can kill any player wearing helmets instantly on headshot due to the extra critical modifier of the gun.

Image 3 Awm Sniping Free Fire
A headshot would kill anyone instantly

The longer reload time is probably to balance it out... as if the gun has a fast reload, it would be too strong.

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3 - SPAS 12

Reload: 34

Spas12 Is A Favorite Weapon In Free Fire
SPAS12 is a very damaging weapon

While the AWM has the same reload time, the SPAS 12 is lower on the list due to the fact that you have to pump one bullet into the chamber every time you fire. For a close-range weapon, a misfire meant death - you have a very low margin of error using the SPAS.

High risk, high rewards of course - it deals extremely high damage.

2 - Kar98k

Reload: 27

Maxresdefault 2

The Kar98k is super strong in Free Fire - it can be almost as effective damage-wise as the AWM. This is why the dev has to nerf the gun in some other ways, which leads to the extremely low reload stat.

Try to be sure that there's no one after your position when reloading your Kar98k, as that is when you are the most vulnerable.

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1 - M1014

Reload: 20

Maxresdefault 3

The M1014 is probably the strongest shotgun in Free Fire... with the ability to fire in auto mode and a 6 shots magazine. Overall, a pro M1014 user could clear 2 or 3 players in an extremely short time with some headshots.

However, the gun literally has the longest reload time in Free Fire - twice as long as an Assault Rifle. You should just pull out another weapon instead of reloading the M1014.

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