With PUBG Mobile's downfall, Free Fire has finally claimed the Indian market and is on its way to becoming the most favourite BR shooter on the mobile platform in the country. Garena has tried a lot of methods to market the game to Indian gamers... and one of them is having Hrithik Roshan, one of Bollywood's most famous action star, join the character roster as special agent Jai.

In this article, we would put Jai's ability against K, the newest character added to the game...and evaluate to see who is stronger.

1 - K's ability in Free Fire

K or Captain Booyah was based on the American DJ KSHMR. His ability "Master of All" is the first skill in Free Fire with two different modes.


The first mode, Jiujitsu, is an aura that affects allies within the 6m radius and increases their EP consumption rate by a whopping 500%. This means when standing near K with Jiujitsu mode active, you would regen 5 HP per second, equal to Alok's skill... at the cost of your EP. This skill also affects K himself.

The second mode, Psychology, would restore K's EP automatically after every few seconds. At max level, it would give K 2 EP every 2 seconds up to 150 EP maximum. It also passively increases K's Max EP limit by 50.

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2 - Jai's ability in Free Fire

Jai's ability "Raging Reload" is actually underpowered at release - they have to buff him immediately afterwards. After the OB24 update, Raging Reload would automatically reload 45% of your magazine capacity after every kill at max level. It works on all popular weapon classes in the game: AR, SMG, Pistol and Shotgun.

Free Jai Character In Free Fire

3 - Comparison between the two characters

Overall, Jai's skill is more focused on offence while K is more of a defence/utility type. If you are playing as a rusher, Jai's ability would be much more valuable, as you can fight against multiple targets much easier.

Garena Free Fire Latest Character Dj Kshmr Header
You can purchase K for 599 diamonds from the in-game shop, while Jai costs 499 diamonds.

K's skill is best against chip damage - you can slowly regenerate your HP in just a few seconds... however, it is not that great in combat, as people usually get killed in less than 5 seconds. The switching feature is pretty clunky as well - sometimes you just forget to do it in combat.

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