Free Fire is a mobile shooter... and in this kind of game, nothing is as important as the weapon roster a.k.a guns. However, not all guns are created equal - some are much more powerful/easy to use than the other.

In this article, we would list out the top 10 best gun in Free Fire 2020. There are only going to be 3 classes of weapons on this list: AR, SMG and SR. While you can definitely get kills from a shotgun or pistol... they are just not versatile or easy to use.

10 - MP40

The MP40 is the fastest firing weapon in Free Fire and despite this, it performs amazingly in close range. Overall, the best part about the gun is its stability when hip firing - you don't have to aim down sight and can begin to shoot right away as soon as you encounter an enemy.

top 10 gun in free fire 2020
Best gun skin in Free Fire 2020: the best MP40 skin

However, it is best that you don't use the MP40 to snipe at enemies, as it has only 10 range. The MP40 also can't equip any other attachment but a magazine.

9 - UMP

The UMP is the strongest SMG in the game... as it is the only SMG that can pierce armor. That makes it the only effective SMG in the late game - with 63 points in Armor Penetration, the gun ignores up to 2/3 of enemies' damage reduction.

best gun combination in free fire 2020

With its easy to customize nature - you can fit the UMP with pretty much any kind of attachment - this makes the gun perfect for new players.

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8 - AK

The legendary AK-47 was one of the best weapons in the game, but with the introduction of quite a few new guns, it has been pushed to the eighth position. The Free Fire AK excels in damage and range, with a whopping 62 and 73 points respectively. This makes the AK as good as sniping as a lot of sniper rifles.

best gun combination in free fire 2020
Best gun combination in Free Fire 2020: AK is very popular when used in combinations with other weapons

The weakness of the AK is still the high recoil, of course. You would need a high level foregrip when using it.


The newly released replacement for the AK, PARA FAL, has a much higher damage per shot at 69 points. It is the most damaging full auto weapon - while the PARA FAL does not have the AK's max range, its current stats is still suitable for most situations.

best gun combination in free fire 2020

The PARA FAL has the same weakness as the AK - its recoil is rather high, which causes a reduction in accuracy.

6 - M14

The M14 is from the sub class DMR of Assault Rifle - you can call it a Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle, as it exchanges the slightly lower damage and range for the ability to fire multiple shots in a row without having to reload.

top 10 gun in free fire 2020
The M14 is pretty popular amongst the top 10 gun in free fire 2020

Overall, the M14 is strongest when equipped with the special attachment "Rage Core", which increases the gun's fire rate exponentially. The gun is pretty underpowered without it, however.

5 - AWM

The AWM used to be one of the strongest weapons... however, other newly released guns have power creeped it out. The gun is still the symbol of ultimate long range power, of course, with the ability to kill any player with a headshot.

top 10 gun in free fire 2020

Its rarity is the problem - the much commonly found Kar98k can perform almost as well in combat.

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4 - M4A1

The M4A1 has remained on top ever since its release in Free Fire. It is the longest full-auto AR in the game... and when you combined this with the gun's high accuracy and decent damage, it would be the weapon of choice for any situation. In Free Fire, most combat situations happen in middle to long range - exactly where the M4 can shine.

Best Gun In Free Fire 2020
One of the best gun skin in Free Fire 2020

It can also be fitted with every kind of attachment to increase range and stability as well.

3 - M82B

The newly released sniper M82B has quickly pushed the AWM down from the top - it has all the penetrating power of the AWM, plus the ability to ignore 2/3 of enemy armor. This means the M82B would deal a lot more damage in the late game. Furthermore, it also deals a lot of extra damage to vehicles and ice walls as well.

Best Gun In Free Fire 2020

The weakness of the M82B is that it can't equip any other attachment than a silencer.

2 - Woodpecker

As expected from a newly released gun, the Woodpecker is super overpowered. Overall, it serves in pretty much the same role as the AWM, SKS or M14... but it can deal a lot more damage per shot, due to the astronomically high 75 points in armor penetration. This means the Woodpecker would be able to deal about 50% more damage than the aforementioned weapons in the same situation.

Best Gun In Free Fire 2020

You can also equip pretty much every kind of attachments on the Woodpecker as well.

1 - Groza

After all this time, the Groza still remains the best weapon in the game - it can only be acquired through an airdrop. It has pretty much everything - high damage, high range, great stability, the ability to equip all attachments... Overall, if you got a Groza from your airdrop, your chance of survival would be increased exponentially.

Best Gun In Free Fire 2020
Groza is the Best Gun In Free Fire 2020

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