FireEyes Gaming is a rising Indian Free Fire YouTuber or content creator. This young guy has reached 3.79 million subscribers on his YouTube channel in only 2 years. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at FireEyes Gaming and find out who this guy is. Read further to know more about FireEyes Gaming UID in Free Fire, monthly income, real face, phone number,...

1. FireEyes Gaming real name, face, phone number

FireEyes Gaming's real name is Pratham Shaw from India. He was born in 2003 so FireEyes Gaming age is 18 years old. He is one of the fastest-growing Free Fire YouTube channels in India with 3.79 million subscribers.

He mostly uploads Free Fire gameplay videos on his channel. He is known for having great skill in Free Fire. There are many videos where he defeated many popular Free Fire YouTubers such as Total Gaming, Aditech,... in custom room 1 vs 1 battle.

FireEyes Gaming phone number is not available. His face has been revealed several times but with a mask on. He teased his viewers with some FireEyes Gaming face reveal videos several times but none of them showed his full face yet.

Fireeyes Gaming Face Reveal
A rare occasion when FireEyes Gaming revealed his face on Instagram but with a mask.

2. FireEyes Gaming UID and stats in Free Fire

FireEyes Gaming UID in Free Fire is 435180912. His in-game name is FG Pratham. His profile in Free Fire is currently at level 75. As he is a famous Free Fire content creator, his profile has a very high like count of 20 thousand likes. His battle style is Wrestler and Dominator, meaning that he has an aggressive playstyle.

Fireeyes Gamings Free Fire Id
FireEyes Gaming UID and in-game name in Free Fire

Let's head down below and look at more details about his stats, win rate, kill counts in Free Fire.

Lifetime Battle Royale stats

FireEyes Gaming has played a total of 16393 games in Squad mode in Battle Royale and won 3568 of them. This translates to a 21.76% win rate. He gained a total of 52254 kills in these matches, which is a K/D ratio of 4.07.

In Duo mode, he played a total of 1552 games with 245 victories. He has a win rate of 15.78% in this mode. He got a total of 4218 kills, which translates to a K/D ratio of 5.78%.

In Solo mode, he played a total of 927 games and won 95 of them, which is a 10.24% win rate. He has a total of 526 kills in these matches with a K/D ratio of 3.04.

Fireeyes Gaming Stats
FireEyes Gaming's lifetime stats in Battle Royale mode in Free Fire.

Like most other Free Fire YouTubers, FireEyes Gaming's favorite mode in Battle Royale is Squad mode. Most of the games he played in Free Fire are Squad mode. It is also the mode that he has the highest win rate of 21.76% and the highest K/D ratio of 4.07.

It is understandable why most high-skilled players only play Squad mode in Free Fire. The mode requires players to have a proper strategy and there is less randomness. Thus, if you have a good game sense and skill, you can have a higher chance to win this mode.

Note that the stats in this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as the YouTuber plays more games in Garena Free Fire.

3. FireEyes Gaming monthly income

FireEyes Gaming has had roughly 20 million views in the last 30 days according to Social Blade, which means FireEyes Gaming monthly income is roughly Rs 480,000 (with a rate of Rs 24 per 1000 views) from YouTube ads only.

His actually total income can be much more with sponsors and business deals. FireEyes Gaming is among one of the high-earning YouTubers in India.

Fireeyes Gaming Income
FireEyes Gaming got more than 20 million views on YouTube in the last 30 days.

4. In-game Sensitivity settings

FireEyes Gaming has very interesting Sensitivity settings in Free Fire as he maxed out everything except for the Free Look sensitivity. Everything is set to 100 which is quite amazing since it is quite hard to aim correctly with 100 sensitivity using a sniper scope. He probably doesn't use the Free Look feature in Free Fire so he set it to 0.

Fireeyes Gaming Settings
FireEyes Gaming in-game sensitivity settings in Free Fire.

5. FireEyes Gaming's Social Media

FireEyes Gaming has an official YouTube channel with 3.79 million subscribers. The YouTube channel has a total view count of 413,704,851 views. Apart from Free Fire gameplay videos, his YouTube channel also has some short Free Fire skits that attract millions of views.

FireEyes Gaming official Instagram has a total of 107 thousand followers. Meanwhile, his official Facebook page has 7.9 thousand followers.

FireEyes Gamings' email address is

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