Free Fire Gold Royale is one of the main sources of outfits. Many stunning bundles have been released in this royale spin. Here are the top 5 stunning bundles released in Free Fire Gold Royale that a lot of players expect for a rerun and another chance to obtain them.

#1. The Streets Bundle

The Street Bundle is one of the most favorite costume sets that was reintroduced as a gift in the Light Event. If you missed that chance to obtain this bundle from Light Event, you need to wait until the next occasion. This bundle includes four items, including Breakdancer top, bottom, shoes, and headgear. It makes your male character look dynamic and cool.

The Streets Bundle
The Streets Bundle makes your characters look Hip-hop, dynamic, and cool. 

#2. Quarterback Bundle

Quarterback Bundle is another stunning outfit set released in some Free Fire Gold Royales. It was first introduced in this game in 2018. It looks like the rugby costume with three items, including Quarterback top, bottom, and shoes. It's a favorite bundle of sports lovers in this game.

Quarterback Bundle
Quarterback Bundle in Free Fire golden royale has a sports appearance.

#3. Imperial Malikah Bundle

Another widely-liked bundle in a recent Gold Royale is Imperial Malikah Bundle. It's a gentle and appealing female bundle with four parts, including Imperial Malikah head, top, bottom, and shoes. This female bundle has a look of royalty with two main colors, including purple and white. Besides, it was released in August this year.

Imperial Malikah Bundle
You should get Imperial Malikah Bundle to make your female characters look stunning and gentle. 

#4. Dunk Master Bundle

The next stunning bundle to obtain from Golden Royale in Free Fire is Dunk Master. It has a sporty look of basketball costume, so you can equip it for your male character. You cannot obtain it now because it was released in October 2018. Now, players need to wait for a comeback for another chance to get it.

Dunk Master Bundle
Dunk Master Bundle is also a stunning bundle for sports players, especially basketball fans. 

#5. Toxic-Lime Python Bundle

Toxic-Lime Python is one of the most stunning and coolest outfit sets from Golden Royale. Many veterans in Free Fire have got it from Free Fire Golden Royale in December 2020. It has up to five items, including head, mask, top, bottom, and shoes. The color of this bundle make your characters look shining and outstanding in the map.

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