There are a lot of characters for players to choose from in Free Fire. Each character has their own unique ability that will help you in different ways in combats. If you manage to make use of your character ability to the fullest, you will significantly increase your chance of winning.

However, some characters will be more useful than others. They have the ability that can turn the tide of the battle. Here is the list of the 5 best Free Fire characters for Clash Squad.

1. D-Bee

D-Bee's ability increases your movement speed while shooting by 15% and increases your accuracy by 35%. This ability allows players to be more swiftly during combat. In addition, the increased accuracy also helps you pin down the enemy easier.

D Bee Free Fire
D-Bee character in Free Fire

2. Chrono

Chrono has one of the best active abilities in the game, remaining as the most used character in pro tier. At the max level, the skill can help you escape from the worst situation and might even completely turn the table. Chrono's shield can absorb 600 damage and increase 10% movement speed. The cooldown is 220 seconds, which is rather long, but it is likely that you can use his skill at least once every round.

Chrono Aggressive
Chrono's shield is one of the best abilities in Free Fire.

3. Xayne

Xayne is a rather unique character in Free Fire. Her Xtreme Encounter is a great counter to Gloo Walls and Chrono's shield. with a 100% damage bonus, she can break through Gloo Walls and shields easily. She also gains 80 HP immediately upon activating the ability, which can get her out of many situations. These effects last for 10 seconds and the skill has a 100 seconds cooldown.

Xayne's ability can help you break through enemies' Gloo Wall and shields easily.

4. Hayato Awaken

Hayato Awaken's ability is rather powerful and that's why it comes with a cost of your own HP. For each 10% HP you lost, you will gain 10% armor penetration and 3.5% frontal damage reduction. So the lower your HP is the more powerful you will become, which can throw off the opponent.

Hayato Awaken Free Fire
Hayato Awaken is one of the best characters in Free Fire.

5. K

Finally, we have K, one of the best healers in Free Fire. K can provide you free EP every 2 seconds and he also allows you to consume EP faster at a 500% rate. This ability increase your survivability significantly and allow you to return to combat faster. You will be able to pressure and trade shots with the enemy with this ability and put them in a difficult situation.

K Free Fire Ability
K is one of the best healers in the game.

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