Personal skill in Free Fire is extremely important whether you are playing Solo or Squad. If you cannot hold yourself up in Squad, you will become a deadweight for your teammates and make the game more difficult. The good news is anyone can improve their skill in Free Fire, as long as they are willing to put their effort in. In this article, we will show you several tips you can apply to improve your personal skill in Free Fire.

Play aggressively

Playing aggressively will make your win rate in Free Fire suffers. However, that is the most effective way to improve your personal skill. At the start, you will die a lot. But then gradually, you will learn to survive and what to do. Your reflex will also improve a lot by doing this.

Being a rusher will earn you a lot of in-game experience.

Watch your own replay

The replay feature in the OB30 update is the best feature for you to learn from your mistake and improve your personal skill in Free Fire. It is hard to spot your own mistake while playing the game or understand why you got killed. By watching your own replay, you have the time to analyze the overall situation and your actions.

Replay Free Fire
Use the replay feature in Free Fire to look back at your past mistakes.

Remember to use what you learned

Being able to learn something new is great, but you have to put it to use in order to truly benefit from it. You will often forget to use what you learned and commit the same mistake. Remember that you only truly learn a skill if you can use it without even thinking. You have to practice new skills to the point you can perform them automatically.

You will be successful if you can perform your skills without having to think.

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