Free Fire aggressive players often choose ARs as their main weapon or even use a combo of two ARs. It's very important to have an AR with high damage for a fast kill when you play aggressively. Here are the top 5 Free Fire ARs for the strongest weapon combos in the BR mode.

#1. M14

M14 is the most powerful AR in Garena Free Fire with a high base damage point of 77. It's also the highest damage point in the AR category in the current arsenal this shooting game. Besides, M14 also has the best effective range among all existing Free Fire ARs. So, you can use this AR as a DMR in long-range combat.

M14 has a good range of fire.

#2. ParaFAL

The second most powerful AR in Free Fire is ParaFAL. This AR has a high hit point of 69 HP/hit. Besides, it's a favorite weapon of scouts in this battle royale game due to its decent mobility and movement speed. Pro fraggers often use this AR as the main AR for close-range combat and M14 as a backup weapon for instant combat or long-range targets.

ParaFAL is the second most powerful AR in Free Fire

#3. Groza

Groza is often one of the strongest ARs in Free Fire with a high damage point of 61. It's enough for you to take down an enemy in 2-3 accurate shots. Another reason why aggressive players prefer Groza over other weapons is its low recoil. This gun has a high accuracy rate that makes sure you can finish the target in the shortest time.

Groza is often one of the strongest ARs in Free Fire.

#4. AK

With the same base damage of 61, AK is still less preferred than Groza because of its low accuracy. But AK is still one of the strongest Free Fire ARs for aggressive gameplay. You can use this gun as a backup weapon in close combat when the main weapon runs out of ammo in a face-to-face combat.

Ak Has High Base Damage
AK has high base damage but low accuracy.

#5. AN94

AN94's base damage is a bit lower than AK and Groza but it's still powerful enough to take down the enemy with the same number of accurate shots. Its base hit point is 60 HP/hit. This gun also has a high rate of fire and movement speed. So, it's very useful for scout and fragger players in your team.

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