Being able to land first in Free Fire will give you a massive advantage over other players in Free Fire. If you can find a weapon before the opponent, you will be able to kill them easily and they can't do anything about it. Check out the drop tactics in Free Fire below to make sure you have an early game.

1. Use Falco pet

At the max level, the advantage of Falco pet can increase your diving speed by 50% and it will give you a huge boost over all other players. You will almost be guaranteed to land before all other players in the area to get loot early and hunter people who land late. Sometimes, you can even kill players who are still parachuting.

Falco Pet
Falco Pet in Free Fire will help you land faster than other players.

2. Drop into the Blue Zone

The Blue Zone in Free Fire is a zone with a lot of high-tier loot so a lot of players love landing here. It is a risk-high rewards area so if you fail to land early, you will be in great danger. While you are diving in the air, make sure you look out for other players so you can change your plan in time when things go south.

3. Spot enemies and ambush them

While the enemy while looting, they will let their guard down and this is your chance to take them down. You should land at the edge of the location and look for other players in the middle. This way, you can be sure that there will be no one who will ambush you from behind.

Sks Free Fire
You should move in from the edge of your landing location inside to ambush other players.

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