Camping is probably one of the hardest strategies to deal with in Free Fire. Players usually hunker down in ambush at hard-to-reach spots, which can end your Free Fire match early even if you have a better aim. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 ways to deal with campers in Free Fire.

1. Using vehicles when rotating

Rotation is probably the most vulnerable situation that players often find themselves in as campers usually score kills on rotating players. Therefore, it is best to take some extra steps to make sure that your rotation is safe.

Free Fire Car
Vehicles in Free Fire are super useful for a squad to move around.

The best way to do this is to find a good vehicle in Free Fire. Cars move faster than the player can, which makes them much harder to shoot at. Furthermore, they also have a lot of HP and can tank a massive amount of damage. Furthermore, while on vehicles, players can pick up some kills by moving down careless enemies. These are the most satisfying kills to make in Free Fire.

2. Make use of high grounds

It is much harder for campers to hit you or pin you down if they are on lower ground. This is why players should stick to high ground as much as they are able. Even when rotating, getting to the high ground can increase your survival chance exponentially.

High ground
High ground can be a deciding advantage in dealing with campers in Free Fire

3. Use skills to locate campers

There are 2 skills that reveal other players in Free Fire, Clu's Tracing Steps and Otho's Memory Mist. However, both are pretty unreliable - Clu's ability does not detect enemies who are crouching or pruning... while Otho's ability requires you to get a kill first.

Most campers are already pre-crouched. You should use these skills to support your scouting and not rely on them fully.

Clu Free Fire
Clu character in Free Fire

4. Back up each other when playing as a team

When playing as a squad, it is very important for all members to stay together and back up each other. If members of the team move around carelessly, the enemy team might be able to pick them off one by one. This will significantly reduce the chance of winning for the team and lower their general K/D ratio.

Teamwork In Free Fire
Playing as a squad is the best way to deal with campers in Free Fire.

5. Using utility items like grenades or gloo

Grenades are great items to open up a fight or scout if you don't know what's waiting behind the corner. These items can serve as distractions and flush enemies out from their camping location. This way, you would be able to turn the table on them.

Smoke Grenades and Gloo Grenades are super useful if you are trying to invade a building. By using them as cover, enemies are less likely to be able to damage your team too much.

Use Gloo Wall
Always use Gloo Wall to defend.

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