Free Fire just released a new Otho character in a top up event. Players can get this character by topping up 150 Diamonds into Free Fire. Otho has a passive ability called Memory Mist. When you kill an enemy the skill will reveal the location of all enemies within 50 meters of the killed player.

In this article, we will show you the top 3 characters you can use to combine with the new Otho character.


Chrono got nerfed again but he is still the most used character of pro players. His Time Turner skill can help you get a kill easily to active Otho's ability. However, with the long cooldown of Chrono's ability, you won't be able to use it again if you decide the fight them.

Garena Free Fire Cristiano Ronaldo Chrono
Chrono is still one of the best characters in Free Fire to get a solo kill.


Jota is one of the best characters for players who want to have an aggressive playstyle. With the help of Otho's ability, you can easily look for more enemies to take down.

With Jota, you can keep your HP at a high level so encountering multiple enemies shouldn't be a problem. With the recent buff, Jota's ability also works with all guns and provides healing when you deal damage to the enemy.

Ob29 Jota Free Fire
Jota got buffed in the OB29 update


Maxim has been a really hot character recently after the buff. His skill allows you to use your healing items faster. Same as Jota, you will be able to heal quickly after every fight or even during the fight. Otho also makes sure that you will find a safe place to use your healing items.

Maxim Free Fire
Maxim got buffed in the OB27 and now he is one of the best characters in Free Fire.

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