The Free Fire OB31 is getting closer and closer with tons of new updates and changes so players can be having a fresh experience. In previous leaks, we revealed that there will be a new Hop Agent pet. In this article, we are going to show you a brand new weapon that will be in the upcoming update, a new SMG called MAC-10.

New MAC-10 SMG in Free Fire

"Comes with a silencer and its balanced in all aspects"

The new MAC-10 SMG in Free Fire has a built-in Silencer, which is not too much useful. Most fights you take with an SMG are close-range fights and the enemy will mostly be aware of your presence. You also need to be far enough to not appear on the minimap when you shoot at the enemy.

The gun can be attached with a scope, a foregrip, and a magazine. The built-in Silencer cannot be replaced or removed.

The MAC-10 has 30 bullets per magazine by default. This is a balanced weapon with good range, damage, and rate of fire. It can deal 132 headshot damage (no helmet) and 24 body damage (no vest) per shot.

Mac 10 Free Fire
The new MAC-10 SMG in Free Fire will have a built-in Silencer.

How strong is MAC-10 SMG?

Overall, this is a pretty powerful SMG and it might even be stronger than the MP40. However, we need to wait for it to be released to really see how good it is. The MAc-10 will be available in both Battle Royale mode and Clash Squad mode.

There will be more information and leaks about the OB31 update in Free Fire in the upcoming days as the Advanced Server opens. Stay tuned with Gurugamer so we can update you with the latest information on the update.

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