The OB31 update will be coming to Free Fire next month. Players can expect that this will be another big update with many new features, characters, pets, balancing,... In the latest leak, we found out that the new pet that will be coming to Free Fire in the next update will be a bunny pet called Agent Hop. Let's check out more details about this pet below.

Agent Hop Pet
Please welcome the brand new Agent Hop in Free Fire OB31.

Free Fire new Agent Hop pet

The Free Fire Agent Hop pet has a passive ability called Bouncing Bonus, which gives the player EP whenever the zone shrinks. Here are the details of his ability:

  • Bouncing Bonus Level 1: When the safe zone shrinks, the player can 30 EP.
  • Bouncing Bonus Level 2: When the safe zone shrinks, the player can 40 EP.
  • Bouncing Bonus Level 3: When the safe zone shrinks, the player can 50 EP.
Agent Hop Pet 1
The new Free Fire Agent Hop pet will give you extra EP when the safe zone shrinks.

Overall, Agent Hop is a very solid pet. On average, the safe zone will shrink about 4 to 5 times, which means you can get about 200 EP to 250 EP a match from this pet. This pet will be a great source of EP for characters such as A124 or K. Otherwise, Agent Hop alone can provide enough EP for almost the whole match.

Agent Hop Pet 2
The new Agent Hop Pet can provide a lot of EP.

Agent Hop can potentially become one of the strongest pets in Free Fire when it is released.

It is not sure how players will be able to get this but according to the tradition of Free Fire, this pet will likely be available in a top up event. In that case, players will be able to get the pet basically for free by top up Diamonds in Free Fire.

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