Free Fire combat is sometimes challenging and risky. But you can make it easier with some tips and tricks. Check out the top 5 tips to make Free Fire combat easier recommended by pro players here.

#1. Optimize Fire Button Size

The fire button is very important in a shooting game like Free Fire. You should keep the fire button size at the optimal level so that you can touch it quickly and accurately without missing it.

The best size of the fire button varies for different devices. If you keep it too small, you may miss the button for dragging headshots. If the button is too big, it causes problems when you rotate. You should leave it between 35 and 60 for the most comfortable control.

Fire Button Size
Keep the fire button size between 35 and 60.

#2. Place Fire Button At Handy Spot

Apart from the size, the fire button placement also matters your gameplay. If you cannot find and touch the fire button on time during gunfights, you will have to come back to the lobby right away.

There are right and left fire buttons in Free Fire. You can merge them into one big firing button on the top left corner of the phone screen. Then, you can touch the scope button and the fire button at the same time with your right and left index fingers in 4-finger claw control.

Keep The Fire Button Size Between 35 And 60
Place the fire button in a convenient spot.

#3. Don't Change Weapon Skin Too Often

Weapon skins in Free Fire make some changes to the statistics, including both buffs and debuffs. If you change the weapon skins too often, it's hard to master those guns. It's very important to choose the handiest weapons in Free Fire and master them. So, make sure that you get familiar with damage points, effective range, magazine limit, and recoil patterns of those guns.

Choose the best skin for each gun and keep using them for a long time.

Choose The Best Gun Skin To Use In A Long Time
Choose the best gun skin to use in a long time

#4. Stand Still When Spraying Bullets

A lot of players keep touching the couch button or dragging the joystick to move jiggly. But it can be a bad idea in mid-range spray because it makes your aim point shake. Then, you will miss the target.

In close combat and face-to-face combat, you should do a jump shot when approaching the target to avoid taking headshots. In mid-range and long-range spray, you should stand still to spray bullets or snipe accurately in long-range combat with a stable crosshair.

Stand Still While Shooting
Stand still while shooting.

#5. Adjust Drag Speed For Different Ranges Of Combat

The drag speed in Free Fire depends on the distance of the target. If the enemy is far away from you, you have more time to drag the crosshair, aim, and shoot. But in close combat, you need to drag the crosshair to aim quickly and take the enemy down before he lands an accurate headshot to your character. Try to increase the drag speed when the opponent is close to you.

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