In Free Fire long-range combat, you need to make headshots to finish enemies quickly before they can hide and be revived. You can use these five pro tips and tricks to increase the long-range headshot percentage in Free Fire and finish opponents quickly.

#1. Choose The Best Long-Range Weapon

There are many long-range weapons in Garena Free Fire. But not all of them are the best weapon for headshots in long-range combat. You need a gun with high headshot damage and low bullet drop.

It guarantees that your bullets fly to the head of the targets in a straight line. Free Fire AWM is the best gun for a higher percentage of headshots in Garena Free Fire. You can attach a silencer or another muzzle to increase the efficiency.

Awm Free Fire
AWM is the best long-range gun.

#2. Take A High Position For Sniping

Another tip to increase the long-range headshot percentage in Free Fire is taking a high place for sniping. From a high position, you have a larger and better view to spot the enemy, especially his head.

You can scan a large area on the battleground to get information about the surrounding area. Besides, your enemies cannot suspect and spot you easily when you are in high places, such as towers, rooftops, and mountains.

Take A High Place
Take a high place to shoot down.

#3. Find The Best Sniping Angle

Apart from a high position, you also need a good angle to take down enemies with headshots. You should spend time finding some places and angles for sniping with a higher long-range headshot percentage in Free Fire.

You need to play in real matches and check different angles to find the most optimum angles for sniping. Then, mark those angles and occupy those positions in different matches. Besides, you need can use these angles in different circle positions.

Have A Good Angle To Snipe
Have a good angle to snipe.

#4. Choose The Best Time To Shoot

To increase the accuracy of long-range headshots in Garena Free Fire, timing skill is also very important. You need to wait until the target is in the open ground. When he is far from the cover. Then, you have the chance to confirm that kill before he can come back to the cover.

When he is halfway from the cover, he exposes all his head and body for you to shoot. Don't shoot when the target is near the cover. If you miss the shot, you won't have another chance to knock him down with a headshot if he can come back to the cover.

Dont Fire When The Target Is Near The Cover
Don't fire when the target is near the cover.

#5. Use The Suppressor To Hide Your Position

The muzzle is a useful attachment that helps reduce the noise or recoil of the barrel. Pro snipers in Garena Free Fire often use the suppressor to reduce the noise of the gun. It helps you hide your position on the map. So, you can skill the target quietly without getting shot back.

If you have any other tips for pro sniping in Garena Free Fire, share them in the comment. You can also use your insane sniping skill to clutch a full squad in Free Fire.

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