The AWM is the beacon for all players who love sniping in all games, including Free Fire. This is the ultimate weapon for a sniper player because of his huge damage that can kill any player with a single shot. But sniping has never been an easy task at all. It is an art that can take players years to master, which is also the reason why people love it. The good news is anyone can learn to master AWM sniping Free Fireall it takes is some time to practice and a few tips and tricks.

Free Fire
Learn the art of AWM sniping Free Fire

AWM sniping Free Fire - Weapon Overview

Damage: 90

Range: 91

The AWM is a weapon with the highest damage and range in Free Fire. It is only obtainable from airdrops. With the huge amount of damage and a built-in x8 scope, it has the ability to do one-shot kill from a very long range. The downside of the weapon is the long reload time after each shot, making it useless in close range fights but this is also the disadvantage of all sniper rifles.

It has a default capacity of 5 bullets and attachment slots for Muzzle/Silencer, Magazine.

Awm Free Fire
AWM is the most powerful sniper rifle in Free Fire with the highest damage and a built-in x8 scope

AWM sniping Free Fire - Sniping Guide

The AWM only appears in airdrops and it will be a huge shame if you can't use this super powerful weapon. Here, we will give you some tips to become a better sniper in Free Fire land those sweet headshots.

Awm Sniping Free Fire
The AWM in Free Fire is rare as it is only available in airdrops

1. Gear yourself up

You are going to have a good time sniping with a Red Dot. The better item you have, the more enjoyable your hunt will be. With the AWM, you won't need to find a big scope as it already has an x8 scope but there are still other things you need such as a Silencer to make you more stealthy or a Magazine. You will find these loots in locations such as Mill, Pochinok, Ship Yard,... You also need good loot to be able to fight other players for the AWM in airdrops.

 Awm Sniping Free Fire
AWM sniping in Free Fire

2. Find a good place for sniping

Sniper rifles such as AWM are the ultimate weapon for long-range combats. In order to maximize their power, it is best for you to pick a high location such as on a hill or on a high platform, buildings. You will be able to get the best view from these places and spot people from far away. However, you are also very easy to be get spotted by other players in these places so it is not to stand up.

Awm Sniping Free Fire
A high location is the best place to snipe other players in Free Fire

With the third-person perspective, you can prone or crouch and still be able to see everything around you while making yourself less exposed.

3. Lead your bullet in long-range

Unlike PUBG Mobile where you have to calculate your bullet drop in long-range combats, bullets in Free Fire move in a straight line and it will hit where your cursor is at. But there is bullet travel time in Free Fire. That means if your target is really far away and running, you need to aim ahead of them in order to hit your shots. This will take time to get used to but you will learn it eventually after a while.

awm sniping in free fire
There is no bullet drop in Free Fire so your bullet will hit where you are aiming at

4. Combine with other weapons to kill

Many people make this mistake where they failed to kill the target with 1 shot in a fairly close range and try to snipe again. Within 50 meters your position will show on the minimap so enemies will easily be able to locate you. Meanwhile, we all know that the AWM or Kar98 takes a billion years to fire the next shot. So your best option there is to take out your Assault Rifle and start spraying them down.

 Awm Sniping Free Fire
AWM sniping Free Fire - Quickly change to an Assault Rifle after your first sniper shot to finish off your target

5. Watch pro players on Youtube to learn from them

These players have proven their skills multiple times and you will not only learn AWM sniping Free Fire but how to be a good player in as well. By watching them playing the game, you will be able to learn from them many valuable experiences that might take you a long time to realize. There are many great Free Fire Youtube channels for you to learn from such as Total Gaming, Gyan Gaming, or Desi Gamers,...

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