The success of Call of Duty Mobile comes from the game's franchise and mainstream appeal. However, people who play the increasingly popular Free Fire are growing day by day. Both games have similarities, but the differences are quite significant.

If you are wondering which of these two games is better, let's take a look at the comparisons below to see if you prefer one over the other:

1. Call of Duty Mobile has more downloads in less time

COD Mobile rose to fame in the blink of an eye. In just one week, the mobile version of this famous franchise accumulated no less than 100 million downloads. For comparison, Free Fire had 182 million downloads throughout the year 2018. COD Mobile's success was instant.

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For that reason, you'll find tons of players on Call of Duty Mobile. It is common to have to wait less than 1 minute to enter a game, something that also happens in Free Fire. As Tencent optimizes the game and releases new updates with new content, the number of players will keep increasing further.

2. Call of Duty Mobile is larger and has better graphics

Regarding the graphical dimension, Call of Duty Mobile has more detailed graphics than the Garena game. In addition, COD Mobile has the best settings of all Battle Royales for mobile phones. If you like good graphics, you will prefer COD Mobile over Free Fire.

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It is true that one can measure the graphic level, depending on the mobile device you have, but Call of Duty Mobile is capable of displaying great graphics without asking for much more than Free Fire. Game optimization is a plus from COD Mobile.

Being a more detailed game with more content, it is true that COD Mobile needs more advanced phones and mobile devices to function well. Free Fire asks for less resources, so it works well on medium phones and even those that have been out for years.

Here the minimum requirements for each game:

Call of Duty Mobile

  • CPU Snapdragon 625 / 2GHz or higher
  • RAM 2GB
  • Storage 1.03GB (2.6GB installed)

Free Fire

  • Almost any CPU
  • 1GB
  • 600MB (recommended 1.5GB)

3. Free Fire features simpler mechanics

Both Call of Duty Mobile and Free Fire use the 'hitscan' mechanics in shooter games. In other words, the bullets hit instantly when you press the fire button. But if you've played PUBG or Fortnite, you'll know bullets have travel time.

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However, Call of Duty Mobile can be a bit difficult to master due to the custom recoil that each weapon has. It contrasts quite a bit with Free Fire since the recoil is not that great and behaves similarly regardless of the weapon you have.

For that reason, there is a huge difference in gameplay between the two titles, with Free Fire being easier to master. If you want a simpler game, this one will be better for you. On the other hand, the most competitive players will appreciate the careful details of Call of Duty Mobile, which will further enhance the skill level of players.

4. Call of Duty Mobile offers more official modes

Although much of the success of Call of Duty Mobile is related to the Battle Royale mode, the game is not limited to that. Officially, in the game, there are other modes such as Front Line, Domination, Sniper Only, and Search and Destroy.

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In addition, there are also temporary modes, and the creators have already reported that they will include a Campaign mode, and have implemented Zombies mode, even though it's currently not available. There's a mode for everyone in COD Mobile.

As for Free Fire, its main and almost exclusive focus is Battle Royale. It is true that several times there will be temporary modes where everyone has the same weapon. Although Free Fire has several options for playing the game like Clash Squad or Ranked Mode, it does not have the same variety as Free Fire.

5. Free Fire has fast games, more actions and more maps

In Free Fire matches, 50 players will compete against each other until only one remains. As for Call of Duty Mobile, you will play matches with a total of 100 people.

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Although there are fewer players per match in Free Fire, that doesn't mean it's boring. In fact, the matches are quite fast and full of action, taking place in just 15 minutes where you quickly see action vs. other players every so often. As for Call of Duty, the matches last a bit longer and considering that there are twice as many players, you'll need to watch your back there, too.

Since we talking about the Battle Royale mode, Free Fire already several maps for the mode, while COD Mobile has only one.

6. Free Fire has more stable servers

Call of Duty Mobile can often have various problems of connectivity and communication. Much of the community reports disconnections during matches and the difficulty of communicating via microphone. For this reason, the matches in this game can be weighed down by the low stability of the servers.

While these problems will go away over time, considering that COD Mobile has only been on the market not for long. But right now, if you want to bet on security and stability, Free Fire is one of the most stable games that you can play on your phones.

7. Call of Duty Mobile has more spectacular combat

As Call of Duty Mobile has more mechanics, weapons, and equipment, it offers more spectacular combat, full of action without brakes! In matches, you can climb walls or slide on the ground, so gunning and running are the order of the day.

Call of Duty Mobile also features situations that are unthinkable in Free Fire, such as mixing zombies with players in the official Battle Royale mode. You can even kill a zombie boss in the game! Other than that, the game released by Activision has diverse options in the air, such as helicopters, hooks, and the wingsuit.

Furthermore, you can shoot from the water, and in COD Mobile there are many spectacular moments in each combat. Even if you play lots of matches in each of the game's modes, the games will never be totally repetitive.

8. Other differences

There are other minor factors that differentiate Call of Duty Mobile from Free Fire:

  • In Call of Duty Mobile, there are different classes, each with a skill for Battle Royale mode, while in Free Fire we are talking about different characters with unique backgrounds and abilities.
  • Call of Duty Mobile allows you to play in 1st person.
  • Unlike Free Fire, in COD Mobile you can heal yourself while you walk or run.

How to Deploy Wingsuit in Call of Duty Blackout Battle Royale call of duty mobile vs free fire comparison which is better

  • There is no fall damage in Call of Duty Mobile. Whenever you jump from a high place, you will deploy the wingsuit automatically.
  • In Call of Duty Mobile, you can slide on the ground, getting a little more speed and being more difficult to hit with shots.
  • Free Fire has cheaper micropayments and more freebies during events than Call of Duty Mobile.
  • Call of Duty Mobile still has a large number of bots to fill games quickly.


Taking all the factors presented in this article into account, each game has its own strength that doesn't make one better than the other. However, you can say that COD Mobile is a more complete game than Free Fire. Part of it is that the game is not only for lovers of Battle Royales but also for fans of shooters in general.

Even so, Free Fire remains a perfect game in the BR genre, simpler and better optimized for more phones. If you don't care about graphics and prefer simpler mechanics, this game has a a great and enormous community. You will never run out of people to play with!

Call of Duty Mobile Free Fire
  • Superior graphics
  • Requires more powerful phones and more storage
  • Features more complex yet fun mechanics for the competitive
  • Offers more content in general, both in maps, variety of weapons, equipment, etc.
  • Offers other official game modes in addition to Battle Royale
  • Battle Royale games last 20 minutes at most and 100 players participate
  • It has more varied and fun battles
  • Servers are not very stable, presenting connectivity failures
  • Simpler graphics
  • Works well on most devices and doesn't take up much space
  • Features mechanics that are simpler to master and favorable for most players
  • It offers less content, but the unique characters make the game very charismatic
  • The game is very focused on Battle Royale mode
  • Battle Royale games last 15-20 minutes at most and 50 players participate
  • The fighting is somewhat more repetitive
  • The servers are very stable, you will hardly have problems during matches in this game

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