Free Fire has a huge collection of weapons of all kinds. Among them, there are Marksman Rifles, which are semi-automatic sniper rifles. These weapons are long-range weapons with high damage and a good rate of fire. They are also among the few weapons in Free Fire with Armor Penetration.

In this article, we are going to discuss the SKS gun in Free Fire, a powerful Marksman Rifle in Free Fire.

SKS vs SVD vs WP
SKS is often placed in comparison with SVD and WP in Free Fire.

1. Stats of SKS gun in Free Fire

Despite not being the most powerful marksman rifle in Free Fire, SKS boasts powerful capacities as indicated in its stats below.

  • Damage: 82
  • Rate of Fire: 35
  • Range: 82
  • Reload Speed: 41
  • Magazine: 10
  • Accuracy: 51
  • Movement Speed: 62
  • Armor Penetration: 46
Sks Gun In Free Fire
The official stats of the SKS gun in Free Fire

The SKS is quite average when compared to other Marksman Rifles in Free Fire. It has an average damage of 82, an average rate of fire of 35. The weapon comes with a pre-attach x4 scope, which cannot be replaced by other scopes. The Range of the SKS is high at 82 so the damage of the weapon will not fall off a lot in long-range fights.

The weapon has open slots for all other attachments in the game, including Silencer, Muzzle, Foregrip, Magazine, Stock. If players manage to collect all the attachments for the SKS, its performance will increase significantly.

The great thing about the SKS is that it has a high spawn rate around the map so players can always grab an SKS to prepare for later long-range fights. The SKS is available in Clash Squad for $1700.

2. Tips to use the SKS gun in Free Fire

As a Marksman Rifle, the SKS is mainly used in mid-range and long-range combat. Thanks to its Armor Penetration stat, it can deal significant damage even if you hit the body. Normally, you can take down a player with only 4 shots.

Needless to say, the SKS gun in Free Fire is quite underwhelming in close-range combat. It is not completely useless but there is little chance that you can use the SKS to win against the MP40 or M1887 in close-range combats. To compensate for this weakness, you should use an AR, shotgun, or SMG along with the SKS.

Sks Free Fire Head Shot
The SKS is an excellent weapon for mid-range and long-range combats.

Even though you can technically fire this weapon on auto, you shouldn't do that because it will reduce the accuracy of your shots by a great amount. The best way to use the SKS is to shoot and then quickly Runscope and scope before you shoot again.

This way the recoil of the weapon will be completely eliminated. Also, you should always aim for the head with your first shot to burst the enemy as fast as possible. It also only take the SKS 1-2 headshots to take down an enemy. Characters like Maro or Rafael will make the SKS more powerful if you are playing as a sniper.

Maro Free Fire
Maro increases your damage when the target is far away. 

One of the best things about the SKS is that it has a lot of skins, which can improve its performance in the game by a lot. You can head down to the section below to find all the best SKS skins in Free Fire.

3. Best SKS skins in Free Fire

Here, we will show you the top 3 best SKS skins in Free Fire. As a Marksman Rifle, the SKS benefits the most from the increased damage because it is the most effective using the tap shooting style.

SKS Hysteria skin

  • Damage ++
  • Accuracy +
  • Magazine -

The SKS Hysteria skin was introduced in a Weapon Royale. It provides 2 Damage buffs, 1 Accuracy buff while reducing the Magainze size of the weapon. As mentioned, the damage buff really helps so you can take down the enemy with fewer shots. The Accuracy buff is quite nice while the Magainze size can be a little bit annoying.

Sks Hysteria Skin
The SKS Hysteria Skin in Free Fire

 SKS Cheetah: Claw skin

  • Damage ++
  • Magazine -

The SKS Cheetah: Claw skin offers the same stats as the SKS Hysteria skin, apart from the Accuracy buff. However, it should not be a big deal at all. You will find that the performance of the SKS in Free Fire will be almost the same using these 2 skins.

Sks Cheeta Claw Skin
The  SKS Cheetah: Claw skin in Free Fire

SKS Bumblebee: Sting

  • Damage ++
  • Range -

The SKS Bumblebee: Sting also gives 2 Damage buffs while reducing the Range of the weapon. The SKS has a great Range stat so the debuff will not affect the performance of the weapon at all.

Sks Bumblebee Sting Skin
The SKS Bumblebee: Sting skin in Free Fire

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