Total Gaming 'Ajjubhai' is the most popular gaming YouTuber in India and also the country's most popular Free Fire gamer. Recently, in celebration of his new milestone of twenty-nine million subscribers and five billion total view count, Ajjubhai94 has released a video showcasing his insane Free Fire skin collection, dubbed #1 in the world.

Ajjubhai's collection of Free Fire skins

Popular content creators and pro players often show off their skin collections in streams and videos. Having rare skins can be a badge of prestige for your account... and Total Gaming has so many rare skins it is almost unreal.

Below are some of the rarest and most famous skins owned by Ajjubhai Free Fire ID:

Electric Shock
Electric Shock Bundle
Golden Samurai
Golden Samurai Bundle
Cobra Cyber
Cobra Cyber Bundle
Tiger Papercut
Tiger Papercut bundle
Bonefreeze Dino
Bonefreeze Dino Bundle
Operano Sheng
Operano Sheng bundle
Angry Dwarf
Angry Dwarf bundle
Pumpkin Knight
Pumpkin Knight Bundle
Curious Hatter
Curious Hatter Bundle
Cursed Magician
Cursed Magician Bundle
Winning Spirit
Winning Spirit bundle
Fury Tribe
Fury Tribe bundle
Pink Spirit
Pink Spirit bundle

Some of the costumes above are super rare skins in Free Fire. They were released a long time ago and haven't had a rerun ever since. Some Free Fire fans have never encountered them before.

Fan reactions

Most fans are in awe and overwhelmed by Ajjubhai's collection of rare and valuable Free Fire skins. The collection video has garnered over 1.5 million views and 241K likes on YouTube. Furthermore, the video has been widely shared in the Free Fire gaming community, with the comment count passing 22k.

The majority of the comments congratulate Ajjubhai on his achievement of reaching 29 million subs. Total Gaming has always remained on top of the Free Fire YouTube scene, and that won't stop any time soon. Some fans have also asked TG to reveal his face, however, that's probably futile.

Below are some of the reactions:

Fans' reactions to Total Gaming's collection

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