Do you feel stressed when being the last standing man in your team? Don't worry because you can clutch a full squad in Free Fire MAX with these pro tips and tricks. You can still eliminate all enemies to get Booyah alone.

#1. Be Confident

If you hesitate when you rush, you will lose the best chance to win the game. You need to make a quick decision on rushing or fleeing away. Many players think twice after deciding to rush, and they often die because of delays in action. You should be confident and trust your game sense.

If you feel you can win, just go ahead. When you smell the death, turn your head and wait for another chance.

Be Confident
Be confident and trust your skills.

#2. Separate Enemy Team

You cannot eliminate the full enemy team when they surround you. Solo players need to separate a full squad by using explosions or bait an enemy by faking a bot. Y

ou should isolate a player from the enemy squad to take him down. Then, change your position right after knocking down an enemy. Don't stay in the old position because the knocked one will inform his teammate about your place.

Separate Enemy Team
Separate the enemy team.

#3. Bait To Kill Another Enemy

After knocking an enemy, you can use him to bait other players from the enemy squad. His teammate will try to revive him after he gets knocked. So, you shouldn't confirm that kill immediately. Instead, use the knocked player to bait the enemy and get further kills.

You can pretend that you have fled away by changing your position. Then, find a place to clear a full squad.

Use Knocked Enemy To Bait
Use the knocked enemy as bait.

#4. Use Smoke Grenades

When you play alone, you do not have teammates to cover you. Use smoke grenades to blind enemies, distract, and confuse them. Moreover, the smoke grenade also makes the cover to keep you safe when you have to consume healing items or reload bullets before engaging in combat. It's a very important tip to clutch a full squad in Free Fire MAX.

Use Smoke To Distract Enemies
Use smoke to distract enemies.

#5. Always Keep The HP Bar Full

Similar to 1 vs 4 match in Free Fire, in 1v4 situations in Free Fire MAX, you have to keep your HP bar always full. Prepare enough consumable items in your backpack to heal right after you get damaged. If you combat without a full HP bar, you will be killed faster because enemies need fewer accurate shots to take you down. Find a safe cover to heal after getting shots.

Always Heal Before Combat
Always heal before combat.

#6. Trap Enemies In Gloo Walls

The Gloo wall is very useful in Free Fire MAX to clutch a full squad. There are many tricks to do with Gloo Wall. You can use it to make a safe cover, or trap enemies inside the corner.

Free Fire solo player should loot some Gloo Wall grenades to trap enemies when needed. You can trap enemies insides the Gloo Wall, then toss frag grenades into the trap and knock the enemy. But you need to place the Gloo Wall quickly.

#7. Choose Shotgun For Fastest Kills

Shotguns are the best weapons for fast kills in close combat. You can make one kill with one accurate shot only. You can quickly clutch a full squad with four accurate shots only. Let's try to master this weapon to eliminate all enemies and get Booyah.

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