Garena Free Fire has a large collection of characters with different abilities and strengths. Elite Kelly, Chrono, and Caroline are three good choices for Free Fire rank mode. Let's find the best character to obtain and use to push rank in this battle royale game here.

Elite Kelly Vs Chrono Vs Caroline

Elite Kelly, Chrono, and Caroline have different abilities which are all suitable for the ranking matches in Garena Free Fire. Here are some details and strengths of these characters.

#1. Elite Kelly

The Elite version of the legendary character Kelly has an ability called "The Swift" to increase the sprint speed of this character. Speed is an important skill in the battle royale mode.

Besides, Elite Kelly has a special ability called Deadly Velocity. It boosts the damage she causes to the target. When you upgrade this character to the maximum level, she will be more powerful.

Elite Kelly
Elite Kelly is the best character for beginners.

#2. Chrono

Chrono has a special ability of Time Turner that boosts his defensive ability. He can create a force field that helps reduce the 600 DMG he takes from enemies around. Moreover, his movement speed also increases by 5%. If you want to play defensively, use can use this character.

Chrono Free Fire
Chrono is the best character in this trio.

#3. Caroline

Caroline is also a strong passive female character in Free Fire with a special ability of Agility. It also helps her movement speed by 3% when she is using the shotgun. Therefore, Caroline is one of the best characters for close combat, especially in the battle royale mode.

Caroline is often underrated.

Who Is The Best Character For Rank Mode?

Chrono is the best character for the rank mode in general, but Kelly is the best choice for beginners. You can use evade quickly if you don't feel confident. Caroline is the worse choice in this comparison.

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