Wukong is a useful and powerful character who has the special skill of turning into a bush to dodge bullets. It's very easy to obtain and use this character. You can combine Wukong with the skills of other characters to make him more powerful. Here are the top 5 best Wukong character combinations for beginners.

Wukong Ability
Wukong has a special ability.

#1. Rafael + Laura + Dasha

You should combine Wukong with the Dead Silent skill of Rafael and the Sharp Shooter skill of Laura to improve the assaulting ability. These shooting skills make Wukong more powerful and effective in long-range combat with both ADS accuracy and silencing effect.

Besides, the special skill Partying On of Dasha reduces the gun recoil to increase the accuracy in short-range combat. When you take damage in close combat, you can use Wukong's special kill to dodge bullets and avoid taking damage.

Laura Free Fire
Combine Wukong with Laura's skill.

#2. Shirou + Maro + Kelly

This is the most complete combo that gives Wukong damage boost, speed, and defense. Shirou's Damage Delivered skill helps you track down the opponent when he causes damage to you. In addition, the Falcon Fervor skill of Maro boosts your damage by up to 25%.

Besides, Wukong will dash away faster with the speed boost of Kelly. You can transform into a bush and flee away if you fall into an ambush. Then, locate the enemy and approach the target secretly.

Kelly Skill
Kelly's skill makes Wukong move faster.

#3. D-bee + Hayato + Moco

D-bee's Bullet Beats skill boost both the accuracy and movement speed of your character. It's only active when you fire while moving. The damage is boosted by the Bushido skill of Hayato. This combo makes Wukong a powerful tanker.

When your character falls into an ambush and takes damage, he can cause more damage to kill enemies faster. Besides, Moco's Hacker's Eye skill helps you locate the opponent to inform your teammates for better teamwork. You can use her skills for better sniping in Free Fire.

Moco Free Fire
Use the skill of Moco to track down enemies.

#4. Jai + Jota + Luqueta

If you want to play as a fragger, you should combine Wukong with Jai and Jota. The ammo duration will decrease when you use close-range weapons, such as ARs, Pistols, SMGs, and SGs. Besides, your character will gain HP whenever he knocks enemies in a solo vs squad situation.

If you can do a 1v4 clutch in Free Fire, you can heal a lot of HP for Wukong. If you feel dangerous, turn your form to dodge bullets and evade combat.

Luqueta Skill
Luqueta's skill also makes Wukong more powerful.

#5. Antonio + Kla + Joseph

When you combine Wukong with Antonio, Kla, and Joseph, you will have one of the best Wukong character combinations for Clash Squad mode. The Gangster's Spirit and Muay Thai skills boost the HP and fist damage in melee combat. Joseph's Nutty Movement increases the movement and sprinting speed of your character when he takes damage.

You can combine them in a team or combine their skills in one character by skill slots.

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