Free Fire players need to increase the top-10 rate to keep ranking up. Apart from skills, you also need proper strategies and pro tips to always finish in the top 10 of Free Fire ranking mode. Check out these must-know tips for a higher top-10 rate here.

#1. Evade If Needed

Keep in mind that your purpose is a high position in the top 10 of the ranking match. Therefore, you need to try to survive in dangerous situations. If you feel you are not ready or confident to win the fight, just evade combat and try to stay alive.

Besides, as Free Fire is a dangerous shooting battleground, you should find safe places to camp and hide before the next circle.

Hide And Camp To Survive
Hide and camp to survive

#2. Choose Solo Mode To Survive Longer

To increase the top-10 rate, you should play in the solo mode. It guarantees that you won't have to rely on other players and their gaming skills. Besides, you won't be surrounded and killed when encountering a full squad. In the solo mode, you only have to fight off single players. As long as you have great 1v1 combat skills to take down the opponent, you have more chance to win and survive till the ending circle.

If you play duo and squad modes, you may lose your teammates early if they have bad skills or bad lucks. You can choose to evade and camp to kill single players. Solo players don't need clutch skills to win 1v4 situations. But you are not allowed to make mistakes and die soon or your rank will drop.

Play In The Solo Mode
Play in the solo mode.

#3. Camp Near The Safe Zone Border

High-tier players seldom enter the center of the circle in the solo mode because you will encounter more enemies in the center of the circle. The number of players in the center of the playing zone is higher than at the edge of the circle.

Besides, you can kill some players entering the playing late. If those players may get damaged from the electric zone. Their HP bar may be very low. Therefore, you can kill him to enter the top 10 of Free Fire ranking mode.

Camp Near The Edge Of The Playing Zone
Camp near the edge of the playing zone.

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#4. Loot Supplies

You should loot as many supplies as possible. Let's focus on healing items and grenades. If you don't want to play aggressively, you don't need to loot too many bullets. If you follow defensive gameplay and focus on survival, you need to loot healing items and Gloo Walls.

Always loot some smoke grenades to make a cover when you need to heal or reload ammo. You can also smoke to fake your position to evade if needed.

Loot Many Med Kits
Loot many medkits to heal and survive.

#5. Don't Be Greedy

When you focus on the last zone and a position in the top 10 of Free Fire ranking mode, let's play passively. Don't be greedy for kills and play aggressively. If you try to engage in every combat, you can die soon. Therefore, you should hide and camp till you are already in the top 10. You can also improve your headshot skills to play as a sniper.

Maintaining a high top-10 rate in the ranking mode helps you keep ranking up in Garena Free Fire.

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