Free Fire, the battle royale title by Garena is one of the most popular BR games in the world with hundreds of millions of players. Though it features a compact experience with smaller maps and fewer players for low-end devices, the game still keeps the basic core gameplay of the battle royale genre. Players drop into an abandoned island to pick up items and weapons. They fight and try to survive in the shrinking safe zone until there is only 1 survivor left. That's why Free Fire zone prediction remains a crucial skill to be the winner.

Free Fire
Predicting the next safe zone is of utmost importance in battle royale games like Free Fire.

As the safe zone is shrinking, players who stay outside will take damage, so it is essential for players to try to stay inside the safe zone and guess where the next one might be. In this article, we will show you some tips to be able to always stay inside the safe zone and a way to predict the next safe zone 100% correct.

1. Shrinking time of safe zones in Free Fire

The safe zone in Free Fire is marked by a white circle on the map. After a certain duration in the game, a new white circle with a smaller size will appear randomly inside the previous one to indicate the next safe zone.

There will be a short time window between each safe zone for players to move in. Players who stay outside of the safe zone when the time runs out will take damage over time. The longer the game, the more damage players will take outside of the safe zone. That's why is important to have a good Free Fire zone prediction.

Free Fire Safe Zone Shrinking Notice
Players will take damage over time outside of the safe zone

The first safe zone in Free Fire will appear after 3m50s into the game. The zone will stay for a duration before it starts shrinking slowly. The next safe zone will appear immediately after the previous zone has done shrinking.

Below is the duration and shrinking time of each safe zone in Free Fire.

 Zone Duration Shrinking time
1st safe zone 1m45s ~3m30s
2nd safe zone 1m30s ~1m40s
3rd safe zone 1m15s ~50s
4th safe zone 60s ~40s
5th safe zone 45s ~30s
6th safe zone (last safe zone) 30s ~30s

2. How to get a 100% correct Free Fire zone prediction

Always notw that the next safe zone in Free Fire is completely random. All that we know is it will be inside the currently safe zone. However, there is a secret item in Free Fire called the Info Box that can tell you the exact location of the next safe zone. So far, this is the only working Free Fire zone prediction method in Free Fire.

Info Box Free Fire
The Info Box in Free Fire

Where can you find the Info Box?

The Info Box used in safe zone prediction can be found in the Blue Zone, which appears at the start of a match and stays there for the rest of the match. The area inside the Blue Zone will have a lot of quality loot, include Level 4 Helmet and the device that show you the next safe zone.

 Free Fire Blue Zone
You can see a Blue Zone on the map. It is a high-tier loot area.

How to use the Info Box to predict safe zone in Free Fire?

The Info Box will appear randomly in the Blue Zone in the form of a hi-tech device with blue light circle at the center.

You can refer to its appearance in the picture below.

Free Fire Infor Box
You can find the Info Box inside Blue Zone in Free Fire.

When you go near it, the Use button will appear. Tap the Use button to start using the Info Box.

Using Infor Box For Zone Prediction 1
Tap Use to start using the device.
Using Infor Box For Zone Prediction 2
The device will disappear after you use it.

After that, the Info Box will disappear. Open your map and you will see that the location of the next zone will be marked with a green circle.

Using Infor Box For Zone Prediction 3
The green circle is the location of the next safe zone.

3. Tips to always stay in the safe zone in Free Fire

Here are some important tips for you so you can always get yourself inside the safe zone in time.

  • Try to land on the center of the map, since that is where the first most likely will be.
  • Be aware of the duration of each zone using the table above and plan ahead. There is also a time counter in the game.
  • Get yourself to the middle of the current safe zone will always put you inside the next safe zone.
  • Use vehicles, LaunchPad, Surfboard to travel fast across the map.

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