In order to become a pro player in Free Fire, besides good aiming skills, you also need to learn how to use grenades and other items to their greatest potential. Smoke grenades in Free Fire are more useful than you think - sometimes even more than Gloo Walls. In this article, we are going to show you how to use Smoke grenades in Free Fire BR mode.

1 - Divert and distract enemies

Smoke grenades create a smoke cloud that lasts for 25 seconds. It can't be seen through unless you are sitting right in the center of the smoke. Furthermore, there is a special feature the smoke grenade has that not many players know: it can disable aim-assist.

Smoke Grenade
Distract enemies with a smoke cloud.

In Free Fire, most people use the aim-assist feature that automatically dragged their crosshair toward an enemy. This lets them have an easier time shooting people. However, the smoke disables it and people catch by its effect need to aim manually. A good smoke can catch inexperienced players off-guard and give the user an advantage.

People usually avoid stepping inside the smoke. Therefore, you can use it as a makeshift area denial weapon - especially if you don't want them to pass through a choke point.

2 - Use the scope while under the effect of smoke

While the smoke prevents you to see through it, a scope can let you bypass that effect if you are literally inside a smoke cloud. Throwing a smoke grenade at your feet to cover your position and aim outward with a scope is actually a pretty good defense.

However, you should not be cocky and rely on it too much - enemies can still shoot through the smoke just fine.

Smoke grenades
You can see through the effect with a scope while inside the smoke cloud.

3 - Cover for healing/reviving downed squadmates

Enemies usually stop shooting at an area covered with smoke. This makes it easier for you to approach and aid your downed teammate. You can also smoke a location and step right inside to heal - enemies usually won't notice that. This strategy is quite effective in close-range battles and intense duels on areas without much cover.

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4 - Probe for enemies inside covers

The smoke grenades are also excellent in going against camping enemies. In Free Fire, a lot of people will hide in shelters and houses to camp for enemies. Throw a smoke grenade inside a camper's nest will temporarily startle and disorienting them, allow you to go in and fight.

This style of engagement is excellent, especially if you have strong close-range guns like the M1887 or UMP.

5 - Use smoke grenades to escape or rotate

As there are no flash grenades in Free Fire BR, smoke grenades are the next best escaping tool. You can just chuck out a cloud of smoke to cover enemies' sight and make your way out. The long duration of 25 seconds is more than enough for that task.

Smoke grenades are also useful for rotation. You can distract enemies with them to have an easier time moving around the map.

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