Free Fire currently has a roster of 40 characters, with 38 of them having special abilities. These characters can be purchased with either gold or diamonds in the shop, with some being diamonds exclusive. However, characters are not created equal, and some of them are just not worth the diamond cost.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 Free Fire characters who are not worth your diamonds.

1 - Steffie

Prize: 499 diamonds

Steffie's special skill is an active ability called Painted Refuge. Upon activation, it creates graffiti that reduces explosive damage by 25% and bullet damage by 5% for 5 seconds. By leveling up, the duration increases to 10, with a cooldown of 45.

Steffie character in Free Fire
Steffie in Free Fire

While this is a positive effect, the value of this skill is just too low, with bullet damage reduction being only 5%. Since there can only be one active ability in your skill combo, picking any other character than Steffie would be more useful. If you really want to buy a new character with diamonds, just spend 100 more to get either Chrono or Alok. Steffie would actually be usable if they buff the value to at least 20%.

2 - Shani

Price: 499 diamonds

Shani's ability is a passive skill called Gear Recycle. It restores 20 armor durability after every kill. Extra durability can upgrade your armor, up to level 3. While the increase in armor durability can be helpful in certain situations, the requirement of getting a kill for it is just too much.

Shani character in Free Fire
Shani is not worth your Free Fire diamonds.

Comparing to other characters with similar skills that triggered on kills, Shani's ability is just worse. You can just pick up a higher-tier armor if you want an upgrade anyway. People should only use Shani if Garena buffs her ability to 50 armor durability or something along that line.

3 - Alvaro

Price: 499 diamonds

Alvaro character in Free Fire is one of the oldest characters, and back in the day, Garena did not know how to create a good character. His skill, Art of Demolition, is a passive that increases explosive weapon damage by 16% and area of effects by 10%.

Alvaro character in Free Fire
Alvaro in Free Fire

While this is definitely a positive bonus, the numbers of Alvaro's skill are just too small. For this ability to be worth using, Garena needs to boost either the bonus damage or the AOE increase to at least 40%. With that boost, your grenade throws would be much more effective and lethal, finally worth a skill slot.

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4 - Notora

Price: 499 diamonds

Notora's bonus is completely tied to vehicles. Her passive ability, Racer's blessing, heal herself and teammates who are riding in the same vehicle. At max level, it restores 5HP every 2s. Overall, this "infinite healing" is useful but fairly cumbersome to use, as you need to drive a vehicle for it to be active. Its effectiveness is reduced in Squad mode and rendered null in Clash Squad.

For Notora to be among worth-buying Free Fire characters, Garena needs to buff her ability so that it gives some bonus even if you are not inside a vehicle.

Notora character in Free Fire
Notora in Free Fire

5 - Kapella

Price: 499 diamonds

Kapella's ability is a passive called Healing Song. It increases the effects of healing items by 20% and healing skills by 10%. Reduce ally HP loss when downed by 30%. While this is pretty decent, compared to the other passive, it is just not good enough. Healing Song also loses half of its effect in solo matches, with no teammates to rescue.

For this Free Fire character to be useful, Garena needs to buff the bonus value to at least 30%.

Kapella character in Free Fire
Overall, Kapella is not worth your diamonds outside of a support build.

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