Free Fire emotes are a fun and interactive way for players to communicate with one another. They can be equipped on the player character, similar to character skills and pets. Currently, there are over 60 emotes in Free Fire, each with its own unique style and attributes.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best looking special effect from Free Fire emotes that you must get.

1 - Obliteration

This is an emote from Free Fire x One Punch Man collaboration earlier this year. It is a famous Japanese anime series about a character who can obliterate his enemies with one punch. This emote allows player to emulate the signature attack of One Punch Man "Saitama", a powerful attack that can shake the planet itself.

Obliteration Emote

The shockwave effect created is amongst the most flashy special effects in Free Fire, worthy of being a Legendary emote.

2 - Tea Time

Tea Time is a fairly popular emotes used by lots of YouTubers - this is probably why Tea Time was liked so much by the common players in Free Fire. It summons a blue tea table and a chair, on which the player character sits and slips on some tea. The emote was recently part of a dual-spin event.

Tea Time
Tea Time Emote

The best part of this emote is that the table and chair are just holograms, which gives it a surreal atmosphere.

3 - Power of money

This emote was one of the grand rewards of Emote Party 2021 event. Upon activation, your character would pull out 2 guns then point and fire at the sky. This causes money to rain down, which is a very good-looking effect.

Power of money
Power of money Emote

The greatly exaggerated animation is probably the best part of this emote.

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4 - Pirate's Flag

Pirate's flag was released as part of the Pirate Top-Up event. It was fairly expensive, however - not many players have it. Upon activation, the in-game character takes out a pirate flag and slam it against the ground.

Pirate's Flag
Pirate's Flag Emote

The flag has multiple good-looking effects. The whole thing is on fire, with the very top decorated by a skull wearing a pirate hat. It is amongst the best special effects in Free Fire.

5 - Eat my dust

Eat my dust is quite popular among players and is one of the most sought-after legendary emotes. Upon activation, your character would summon a golden sports car and proceed to bounce on top of it. There is no sports car skin similar to this in the game, weirdly enough.

Eat my dust
Eat my dust Emote

This is actually the biggest object summoned by an emote. Nobody expects it to create a vehicle out of nowhere... and the bouncing animation looks super exaggerated.

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