Free Fire is famous for releasing new events for players to claim free rewards or get valuable items with great discounts. The Lucky Wheel event is the latest event in Free Fire and it allows players to buy items with a prize of as little as 1 Diamonds. Let's find out how this event works.

Free Fire Lucky Wheel Event

The Free Fire Lucky Wheel event starts from July 23 to July 29.

During the event, players can spin the wheel to obtain Lucky Discount to buy items at a super cheap price. However, each Lucky Discount can only apply to 1 item for choose carefully. You can refresh the store for different items.

Free Fire Lucky Wheel Event
Players will spin the Lucky Wheel and get a discount for the next purchase.

The first time you use Luck Wheel and refresh store will be free os make sure you try your luck. The Lucky Wheel includes 1 Diamonds, 99 Diamonds, 50%, 55%, 60%, 70%, 75%, 80%. When you spin on the 1 Diamonds or 99 Diamonds options. Your next purchase will cost 1 Diamonds or 99 Diamonds respetively.

Here is the list of the best items at Free Fire Lucky Wheel event:

  • Blue Phoneix Bundle
  • Falco pet
  • Robo pet
  • Hellfire Falco Pet Skin
  • Spring Festival Robo Pet Skin
  • Show Off Pet Emote
  • Roar Pet Emote
  • Xayne character
  • The Magic Stick Surfboard Skin

There are many more Free Fire gun skins and bundles in the event so please do check it out to see if there is anything you like. Who knows, you might be able to get them for only 1 Diamonds. Remember to refresh the store if it doesn't have anything you want. The first time is free anyway.

Free Fire Lucky Wheel Event 1
If you are lucky, you can buy your favorite item with the prize of only 1 Diamond.

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