The Free Fire OB29 update just hit the Advance Server of Free Fire and a lot of information in the patch has been revealed. In this patch, we can expect to have Moco Awaken and 2 new characters with supporting skills. There will be also some changes and skills rebalancing to the old characters.

Garena Free Fire Ob29 Advance Server Leak
The Free Fire OB29 update has hit the Advance Server.

In this article, we are going to take a deep look into the patch and see how these character changes will affect the upcoming META in Free Fire.

Free Fire OB29 New Characters

Three new characters have been discovered in the Free Fire OB29 Advance Server: Moco Awaken, Thiva, and DJ Dimitri. Below are the details of their abilities and our verdict of how they are going to affect the game.

Moco Awaken

Moco Awaken has been leaked a long time ago and it seems that she will be coming in the OB29 update. Here are Moco Awaken's ability details:

  • Awakening skill - Enigma's Eye Lv 6: Marking on hit enemies last longer when enemies move, up to 6.5s.

Basically, Moco Awaken will improve the ability the basic ability of Moco. Moco is already a really great character before. She was used by a lot of pro players in tournaments. With the Awaken character, she will be even better especially in a chasing scenario. But, overall, this is not a game-changing update.

Free Fire Characters Antonio Moco Hayato
Moco will have an awaken form in the next update


A new character called Thiva was spotted in Free Fire OB29 update. His skill is called Healing Heartbeat. Here is the detail of Thiva's ability:

  • Healing Heartbeat Lv 6: Create a 5m-diameter healing zone that heals you and your allies 3HP/s. You and your allies can revive themselves in this zone. Duration: 10s. Cooldown 60s.

First off, this skill is going to be useless in Solo Mode because you will die instantly. It can only be effective in Duo, Squad, or Clash Squad. Now, self-reviving sounds pretty decent but actually not that good.

If your teammate is fighting at close range, obviously the other team can just push and finish you off. If they don't you can revive your teammate manually. Also, your teammate has to be inside the skill to revive themselves, which is within 5m.

If the fight is farther away, you can just save them behind covers and the skill doesn't contribute anything at all. Plus, this is an Active skill, a valuable skill slot that can use a lot of other powerful abilities.

DJ Dimitri

In the OB29 update, Free Fire will have a collaboration with DJ Dimitri to release a new character. He will have a passive ability called Vital Vibes Lv 6. Here are the details:

  • Vital Vibes Lv 6: Rescue speed increase by 20%. Upon successful recuse, the player recovers 40HP for 5 seconds.

The skill of this character quite resembles the Olivia Free Fire character, but a little better. You can recuse faster and the recused player gets more HP. Still, it is not that impactful. Nobody used Olivia before so nobody will use this character as well. Maybe, very rarely, a Squad will have 1 player with this skill because they have 1 extra Passive skill slot and that is about it.

Free Fire Ob29 Characte
Free Fire new DJ Dimitri character

Free Fire OB29 Ability Buffs

As the character pool of  Free Fire is getting bigger fast. They have been trying to change the abilities of old characters to make the game more balanced.

Jota buff

  • Jota's old skill: Restore 40HP instantly when killing an enemy with SMGs or shotguns. CD: 5 seconds.
  • Jota's new skill: Hitting other players with a gun restores some HP to you. When you kill a player, restore 20% Max HP.
Ob29 Jota Free Fire
Jota got buffed in the OB29 update.

Jota was a decent character before. But with this skill update, he has become even stronger. At level 6, he can restore 40HP at least when he kills a player.  You will get some HP regen during the fight as well, which is a small advantage. If you combo with Xayne or Luqueta, you can restore even more because the skill is percentage-based. Also, there is no cooldown anymore.

Luqueta buff

  • Luqueta's old skill: Increase your max HP by 18 each time you kill a player (max 35 HP)
  • Luqueta's new skill: Increase your Max HP by 20 each time you kill a player (max 50 HP)
Luqueta Ob29 Free Fire
Luqueta OB29 Free Fire

Luqueta got a big buff as you can increase your max HP up to 250. It is pretty decent. You still need 3 kills to get there and you need to heal up to 150 HP as well but that is not too much of a problem. Just an overall nice buff, nothing too OP.

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