Free Fire has a large collection of weapons for players to choose from just like any other battle royale title. Pistol in Free Fire is a type of weapon that can be equipped on the Secondary weapon slot. These weapons are often used as a support weapon rather than the primary weapon to deal damage in Free Fire.

Still, they have their role in the game. The players who know how to utilize pistols in Free Fire will have a better chance of winning.

Pistol in Free Fire full list

Here is the list of all pistols available in Free Fire in 2021.

1. Hand cannon

Even though it is only a secondary weapon, the power of the Hand-cannon cannot be underestimated. It is a small grenade launcher that can deal high area damage. However, the range of Hand-cannon is rather short and it only has 2 rounds in its magazine.

Hand Cannon Free Fire
The Hand Cannon in Free Fire

2. Desert Eagle

Not only in Free Fire, but the Desert Eagle is also famous for its deadly damage and accuracy across all shooter games. The Desert Eagle has a high range but a slow rate of fire. It can be attached with a Muzzle or a Silencer.

Desert Eagle
Desert Eagle in Free Fire

3. G18

The G18 is an average pistol in Free Fire overall. It has a high rate of fire and a big magazine but low damage. The effective range of it is also rather low. The G18 can use a Magazine attachment.

Persia Prowess G18
G18 pistol in Free Fire

4. USP

Just like the G18, the USP is also quite average. The rate of fire of the USP is actually even lower than the G18. The USP can attach a Muzzle or a Silencer and a Magazine.

There is a USP-2 variation in Clash Squad with Akimbo mode. It makes the weapon quite a decent choice at the start of the game.

Free Fire Usp Akimbo
Free Fire USP-2 Akimbo

5. UZI

The UZI is the latest pistol in Free Fire. It has an insane rate of and damage. However, the magazine of the weapon is not big enough. It is hard to kill a player from full health using the UZI unless you hit all the shots. The effective range of the UZI is quite short also.

Uzi Free Fire
The UZI in Free Fire

6. Treatment Gun

The Treatment Gun is a special pistol in Free Fire that will heal your teammate when you shot them. The gun can deal damage to the enemy but the damage output is really low and not worth it.

Treatment Gun
Treatment Gun In Free Fire

7. M500

The M500 is a long-range pistol with high damage. It comes with an x2 scope. While having only 5 rounds per magazine, it can kill a player with 2 headshots, a decent alternative for a sniper rifle.

M500 Fondo 1280x720
M500 in Free Fire

8. Grappling Hook Gun

The Grappling Hook Gun is a weapon that can only be found in Kalahari. You can use this Free Fire pistol to get to locations that normally no one can reach. The weapon will launch a hook and pull you toward the destination.

free fire hook
Grappling Hook Gun in Free Fire

9. Ice Gun

The Ice Gun is an exclusive pistol to Air Drops. It doesn't deal damage, but it can create a Gloo Wall that moves forward. However, this Gloo Wall will have less HP than a normal Gloo Wall.

Ice Gun Wall Free Fire
Ice Gun in Free Fire

10. M1873

The M1873 is pretty much the mini version of the M1887 shotgun. It can deal quite some heavy damage but only at a very close range.

M1873 Free Fire
M1873 in Free Fire traces its origins from the Winchester M1873.

How to use Pistol in Free Fire?

Most players are confident they can use weapons in the game, but not many of them really know how to utilize the guns effectively. Here are some tips when using pistols in Free Fire.

Early game weapon

In a high-density area, you need to grab any weapon as soon as possible and kill the enemy before they can loot anything if possible. While a pistol in Free Fire normally does not that strong, it is still better than punching.

Utility tool

Many special pistols such as the Ice Gun, the Grappling Hook Gun, the Treatment Gun are all useful in many situations. They can save your life and even win you the game if you know how to use them properly.

Situational weapon

If your primary weapons are all strong close-range weapons, the Desert Eagle or M500 might be quite helpful. Similarly, if you are using the Double Sniper playstyle, the M1873 might be helpful when enemies are close to you.

The Hand-cannon is a great weapon when you are trying to push an enemy in a building.

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