Free Fire is a popular battle royale game that features shorter matches and compatibility for low-end devices. Still, the game offers a lot of variety with many different weapons and playstyles.

The double Snipers style is a very unique playstyle in Free Fire that not many players can adapt to. You are going to use 2 sniper rifles in playstyle. This means your ability to fight close-range combat will be close to none. However, you will be able to finish the enemy from far away very quickly.

Sniper Free Fire
It is hard to use the double snipers style in Free Fire.

It is certainly not easy to learn this playstyle correctly. Here, we will give you a few important tips to keep in mind when playing this style.

1. Character combinations

The best 3 characters to use with this playstyle are Kelly, Moco, and Chrono. Note that Chrono is a mandatory character for this build. While Kelly increases your mobility, Moco will keep track of the enemy so they can't escape.

Rafael Free Fire
You won't have to get the Silencer attachment in order if you use Rafael.

For one last character, you can pick Maxim or Rafael. With Rafael, you don't need the Silencer attachment, which isn't really convenient. Rafael also makes the enemy bleed out faster.

As for Maxim, he will help you heal up quickly with Med Kit. However, if you use Maxim, you will need to find the Silencer attachment or else you will be spotted quickly.

2. Quick change no reloading trick

The reloading speed of all sniper rifles is long. By quickly changing to your other sniper rifle, you can shoot another shot right away without waiting. You should enable the Quick Weapon Switch option in the settings to change weapons quickly. This is the most important trick to learn of the double Snipers style.

3. Choose a good location

It is advisable to keep a safe distance from the enemy when using this playstyle. But if your aim is good, you can totally delete the enemy in close range with 2 accurate sniper shots.

It is preferable if you have high ground such as inside buildings or on the roofs. You will have much more vision this way and be safer. There are a lot of good camping locations on the map that you can sit tight and snipe other players.

Free Fire Camping Places
It is hard for other players to spot you from this location.

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