It is actually fairly hard to boost your K/D after you have reached a certain tier in Free Fire, with enemies getting too good for you to handle. One of the few ways to do that effectively is playing Solo vs Squad. To do that, just turn off auto-match before finding squad matches.

Playing against squads lets you kill more, however, fighting against multiple people in a squad is not easy. In this guide, we will showcase all the tips and tricks for Free Fire solo vs squad in OB28.

1 - Pick a good skill and weapon build

Most squads tend to stick together to cover each other. It is best that you go for a mid to long range build instead of trying to engage them in close combat. The prime choices are probably Alok, Clu and Wukong's ability. Alok is a "general choice" that's good for most situations, Clu lets you scout the location of the entire enemy team... and Wukong lets you be a ninja from afar.

It is best to use a sniper build in Free Fire Solo vs Squad.

Regarding passive skills for snipers, Maro and Rafael can be very useful. With their skill, you should be able to down enemies faster and make them bleed out faster, which is really crucial in combat.

2 - Try to fight them early on

Usually, squads would land in the same place. As Free Fire's loot distribution is fairly scattered, it often takes a while for the whole team to gear up. This is your chance to strike and pick up some kills: try to land first, grab the nearest weapon and fight immediately.

fight early
It is a good idea to be aggressive early on, but you should do that in moderation.

Try to loot as fast as possible and leave immediately after the kill. If you are lucky, it is possible to get 1 or 2 kills out of the encounter.

3 - Set up camps to snipe enemies

The mid game is probably the hardest part in a Solo vs Squad game. In this phase, enemies have all geared up and ready for the fights. It is vital that you try to find the best hiding spot and camp there - walking around is not a good idea.

Get a vantage point
Get a vantage point is the most important thing to do in the mid-game.

Vantage spots and choke points are your friends. The former lets you scout the whole battlefield for the position of enemies... while the latter lets you get easy kills.

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4 - Hit and Run

Don't be greedy. In Free Fire solo vs squad, enemies outnumber and outdamage you. After downing one person, it is fine to retreat. Leaving the downed survive as bait for their teammate is also a good idea.

It would help a lot if you have mobility skills like Alok or Kelly's.

Revive Free Fire
Enemies helping each other is your chance to strike.

5 - Scout carefully

You need to practice listening to footsteps and scouting around using scopes. The easiest way to die in Solo vs Squad is attacking one person while not knowing the general location of their teammates. All it takes is for one of them to shoot at you from an unexpected angle.

Only by scouting carefully could you win a booyah.

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