The skill system is one of the most important game mechanics in Free Fire, with players forming a combo with 1 active and 3 passives. Amongst them, Alok is one of the best. He is the most popular character ever released in the game, with a highly useful active skill that creates a speed & heal aura. A lot of players climb rank with Alok.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 3 skill combinations for Alok in Free Fire OB28.

Alok in Free Fire

1 - Alok + D-bee + Jai + Hayato

Close range Shotgun/SMG combo

This combo is perfect for rushers and assaulters who like to get close and personal. With this build, you can perform some lightning-quick flank attacks, spraying enemies with either shotguns or SMGs. Jai's ability ensures that you can deal with multiple enemies by automatically reload your gun for the kill.

Jai Character Featured
Jai in Free Fire

Overall, D-Bee's ability is the key piece of this skill combination for Alok. His skill increases the accuracy of weapons like the MP40 greatly. Therefore, you need to practice moving and firing at the same time. Hayato's skill is just the final addition for a little bit of extra damage.

2 - Alok + Shirou + Dasha + Laura

Mid range AR combo

This combo is perfect for mid-range engagements, especially when enemies try to duel you. Laura & Dasha are the two best abilities to use with an AR. They increase the weapons' stability greatly by reducing recoil and increase accuracy. You should be able to spray and burst much easier. Shirou's ability lets you detect the general location of the foe and gain some extra damage in a burst.

Alok's ability serves as a general heal and movement tool in this build. You can activate the skill to heal yourself and rotate to other places on the battlefield.

Shirou in Free Fire

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3 - Alok + Rafael + Dasha + Maro

Long range sniper combo

This is the perfect combo for long range fights using sniper rifles. Rafael's ability gives you a free Silencer and the fast bleeding effect in team matches. This solves the weakest part of snipers, as sometimes you are unable to finish a downed foe.

Rafael Free Fire
Rafael in Free Fire

Dasha's ability lets you escape from your vantage point at any time without taking damage - her passive of reducing fall damage is just crazy. Maro is one of the few abilities in Free Fire that outright boost damage - the value is based on the distance to the target. In a sniper build, Maro's ability gives the highest value. Alok's ability serves as a healing skill in this combo.

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