Clash Squad is a special mode of Free Fire in which two teams battle against each other in a small area on the map. Unlike BR mode, Clash Squad is round-based, with all characters getting refreshed to their base form every time a round starts. The weapon roster in Clash Squad is different as well - because of this, weak skills in normal modes are usable in this mode.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best passive skills to use in Clash Squad Mode OB28.

5 - Maxim's Gluttony

  • Skill: Reduces the time for eating mushrooms and using medkits by 40%.
Maxim used to be the weakest character in the game.

Gluttony was buffed remarkably recently from a measly 12% to a whopping 40%. In Clash Squad, fights happen constantly... and you need to heal as fast as possible to get into combat again. With Gluttony at max, you should be able to pop a medkit after just 4 seconds. The extra HP could be a nasty surprise for pursuing enemies.

4 - D-Bee's Bullet Beats

  • Skill: When firing while moving, movement speed increases by 15%, accuracy increases by 35%.
D Bee
D-Bee is the newest character in Free Fire

Moco’s special ability is a passive skill called “Hacker’s eye”, which would tag any enemies shot by her for a couple of seconds. This ability is strong in both solo and squad - if you managed to damage the enemies just a little, their position would be revealed on the map for a whopping 5 seconds, enabling you or your team to flank them or throw some grenades. If the enemy decides to run or hide, you would detect them.

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3 - Antonio's Gangster's Spirit

  • Skill: Receive 35 extra HP when the round starts.
Antonio Free Fire
Antonio is useless in BR mode.

Having more max HP than your foe is a huge advantage in Clash Squad, especially in the first rounds where everyone is using pistols. While Hayato's ability might sound tempting, people don't have money to buy vests in the first few rounds.

With Antonio's passive, you should be able to gain a fair bit of early advantage to snowball out of control on later rounds.

2 - Jai's Raging Reload

  • Skill: After taking down an opponent, the gun's magazine automatically gets reloaded by 45% of its capacity (limited to AR, Pistol, SMG and SG).

In Clash Squad, you often face more than one opponent at the same time, especially if the enemy team knows what they are doing. It is fairly common to run out of ammo in the middle of a fight, after finishing an enemy. And in a Clash Squad where close-quarter fights are common, this can be lethal.

Free Fire Jai
Jai is the first character that was based on an Indian celebrity.

Jai's ability would deal with that problem. With his passive, you can continue to fight freely without having to worry about reloading. Jai's ability is amongst the best passive skills to use in Clash Squad, offensively.

1 - Joseph's Nutty Movement

  • Skill: Movement speed increased by 20% for 1 second upon taking damage.

In clash squad, Run and Gun are what you constantly do. Therefore, the best way to avoid getting killed is to move around constantly and throw off enemies' aim. Joseph's Nutty Movement aids you a lot in doing that. It has one of the highest speed buffs in the game, 20%.

Garena Free Fire Joseph
Joseph is a fairly unpopular character in Free Fire.

The weakness of this ability is that you might need to practice a fair bit to get used to the movement. Joseph's skill is amongst the best passive skills to use in Clash Squad, defensively.

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