There has never been any character skill that was nerfed as hard as Chrono's Time-Turner. Introduced back in December 2020 in a collaboration with Christiano Ronaldo, Chrono's shield dominated the whole game back then, with almost everyone using it.

Shirou And Chrono Combination
Chrono's shield was so strong everyone was spamming it.

However, after a patch of complete domination, Garena has decided to nerf the skill to oblivion by quadrupled the cooldown. Currently, people still use Chrono, but nowhere near as much. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 3 best skill combos for Chrono to make this character more useful in the game.

Chrono + Jota + Jai + Kelly Awakened

This is a combo that focuses on close-quarter combat with either shotguns or SMGs. Chrono's shield is VERY dangerous in close range, with enemies having no choice but to retreat. With this combo, however, you can press your advantage and finish them off with your weapons.

Jota Free Fire
Jota has one of the few instant heal in the game.

Jai and Jota's abilities enable you to go against multiple foes with their auto-reload and heal. Kelly Awakened skill enables some incredibly damaging rushes with shotguns.

Chrono + Shirou + Dasha + Hayato

The second combo for Chrono on this list focuses on mid-range fights, with players using ARs against enemies. This is the easiest combo to use and play around with on this list. Shirou and Dasha give you an edge when tapping or dueling with high damage guns like the AK or Groza... while Hayato provides an edge in armor penetration.

Shirou is super good
Shirou is super good if you use guns with high damage per shot.

In this combo, Chrono's shield is an emergency button that you use after baiting an enemy (or multiple) into a fight.

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Chrono + Maro + Laura + Dasha

This combo is based on long-range combat using Chrono's ability. With this set of skills, you play as a sniper and just use Chrono's ability as a last resort against enemies who manages to approach your location.

Free Fire Maro
Free Fire Maro is the perfect character for sniper builds.

Maro's ability alone provides ample damage based on the distance to the target... and on guns with high damage per shot like the sniper rifle, the bonus is even clearer. Laura + Dasha provide you with excellent long-range accuracy, even with DMRs.

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