Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royales on Mobile, with its biggest strength being the large arsenal of guns. Amongst them, the shotgun M1887 has the highest damage per shot, much higher than any other weapon in the game.

The M1887's power can be improved even further with skins, which increases stats. In this article, we are going to list out the Top 5 Free Fire M1887 Gun Skin Photo, Analysis, Guide... And More.

1 - One Punch Man M1887

  • Reload Speed ++
  • Damage +
  • Accuracy –

This skin was released as part of a limited collaboration with the One-Punch Man anime. As collabs in Free Fire almost never return, it is one of the rarest skins in the game. One-Punch Man is a story about a hero named Saitama. His power is so great he destroys all his enemies with just one punch.

M1887 One-Punch Man photo
Free Fire M1887 gun skin photo: The One-Punch Man has a very unique special effect.

This is rather fitting for the M1887, with the highest single-shot damage in the game. With this skill, you can go around destroying people with just one shot, just like Saitama. The gun gives a double boost in reload speed, letting you recover faster after shots. The damage boost is rather welcome... and the accuracy demerit is not that bad, as a higher spread lets you headshot easier.

2 - Hand of Hope M1887

  • Reload Speed ++
  • Accuracy +
  • Movement Speed –

The Hand of Hope M1887 is the newest M1887 skin in Free Fire. It can be found in the Hope Ascension Token Tower event. Overall, the skin looks really good, with a skeleton design and smokey green patches.

Hand of Hope photo
Unlike the OPM skin, the Hand of Hope costs a lot more diamonds. It also looks much more unique.

This skin is very similar to the One-Punch Man one, with double bonuses on reload. This is pretty much the best thing you can get on a skin for the M1887, as the gun has only 2 ammo per magazine. The additional accuracy lets you deal more reliable damage on bodyshots, but makes it harder to do headshots. The slight movement speed demerit is a minor problem as well.

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3 - Rapper Underworld M1887

  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Reload Speed +
  • Accuracy –

The only M1887 skin with a buff for fire rate in Free Fire. With this gun already has the highest damage, an extra rate of fire is the best way to increase its DPS. The Rapper Underworld has a super quick two bullet burst that you can use to knock down any foe, making it the best M1887 gun skin in Free Fire. You can get easier headshots with a faster fire rate as well.

The Rapper Underworld M1887 photo
Free Fire M1887 gun skin photo: The Rapper Underworld has a clown face on its body.

The second bonus that the Rapper Underworld has is a faster reload speed. While not as much as the previous two weapons on this list, it is still serviceable. The accuracy demerit is actually a plus, as you can get easier headshots that way.

4 - Tropical Parrot M1887

  • Damage +
  • Accuracy +
  • Range –

The Tropical Parrot M1887 is the first legendary skin of this gun. Because of that, it is fairly popular and gets used a lot by the veterans of Free Fire, despite having no "double plus" buffs. When it was new, the Tropical Parrot M1887 was a force to be reckoned with. At the cost of a lower range, it can dish out insane damage at great accuracy.

The Tropical Parrot M1887 photo
The Tropical Parrot M1887 is fairly good-looking, with golden mechanical parts.

Pros often showcase their skills by performing one tap kill with this gun.

5 - Winterlands M1887

  • Range ++
  • Movement Speed +
  • Reload Speed –

The Winterlands M1887, while still usable, is the weakest skin for this weapon. The M1887 requires players to be in the usual range of the weapon to score a kill - any deviation to that and your shots lose a lot of damage. This means the Range ++ bonus does not matter much at all.

The Winterlands M1887 photo
Free Fire M1887 gun skin photo: The Winterlands is white and blue, a pretty light combination of colors.

Movement speed is its second boost. While extra speed is useful, you need to hold the gun for it to triggers, which is pretty clunky when moving around. Most importantly, the higher reload time is a major setback for this skin. You would have a harder time dealing with squads and extended duels.

Why is the M1887 so good?

One-shotting people with just one bullet is really satisfying... and the M1887 is one of the few weapons with enough damage for that. Besides the maximum 100 damage stat, it also has a considerable 54 armor penetration. This means the M1887 retains its effectiveness in the late game when all players have high-level armors and helmets.

It was released in 2020. Over the course of time, the M1887 has been balanced pretty well. It has become the most lethal of short-ranged weapons and a favorite among newbies and veterans alike.

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