Pets are an important system in Free Fire, with each unique pet having the ability to aid players in combat. While their skills are nowhere near as strong as a normal character ability, there are some effects that only pets have. D-Bee, the newest character in Free Fire, can definitely make use of those.

In this article, we would list the top 5 best pets to combo with D-Bee in Garena Free Fire.

5 - Rockie

Rockie's cooldown reduction is very versatile - especially for abilities that have long cooldowns like Chrono and Xayne's.

Rockie's cooldown reduction is crucial in a fight

When equipped, Rockie's Stay Chill reduces the cooldown of your active abilities by 15% at the maximum level. You can now use various active abilities much more frequently, which is a great boon for D-Bee, an aggressive character.

4 - Falco

Falco is one of the best pets in squad mode and even solo mode. It allows you to land before enemies by increasing your gliding and diving speed. D-Bee's aggressive combos could definitely make use of that head start. You can land first, find weapons and start engaging enemies right away.

Falco's bonus extends to your teammates

3 - Dreki

D-Bee's ability is mainly used for close-quarter rushing, and the newest flying pet in Free Fire, Dreki, is excellent for that. If your target managed to escape after a fight, the first thing they are going to do is trying to heal in cover.

While Dreki's ability does not provide any number bonus, it is still one of the best, as information is power.

Dreki's ability lets you "wallhack" and sees through those covers. It would reveal all healing enemies in a 30 meters radius for 5 seconds, giving you the necessary information to finish them off.

2 - Beaston

Beaston's ability would increase the range of your grenade throws by 30%, which is very useful in rushes. D-Bee could definitely use this, as throwing grenades is something one often does before engaging enemies. The extra range lets you throw grenades earlier and more accurately.

Beaston is very effective in rushes

1 - Detective Panda

With D-Bee's ability being super strong in close combat, you can stack up healing by equipping both Jota and Detective Panda together. With both skills active, you would get up to 60 HP with every kill - which is almost the equivalent of a Medkit.

Detective Panda
Detective Panda lets you recover some HP in combat

Heal are always useful, no matter the amount - even 1 HP could make a difference in rare circumstances. That's why Detective Panda is always listed among the best healing pets in Free Fire matches.

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