The Soccer Royale spin is the latest Luck Royale event to arrive in Garena Free Fire. To celebrate the UEFA European Football Championship, Garena will open the chance for all players to acquire previously released football jerseys in the game. Join us and discover everything you need to know about the new Soccer Royale spin in Free Fire.

About Soccer Royale Spin Event

Yesterday, Garena added the new Soccer Royale spin to Free Fire. The event will be available until July 12th, which is 5 days from the time of writing. As in other gacha-based events, players have to spend Diamonds to draw items from the prize pool. One spin costs 25 Diamonds. You can also purchase a pack of 10 spins for 250 Diamonds.

Soccer Royale
The new Soccer Royale spin is now available.

The game's algorithm will increase your chance of winning the rare items based on your spin counts. The more you spin, the higher the chance. However, there's no guarantee that you can win them all.

Soccer Royale Spin Event's Prize Pool

Here's the list of rewards you can obtain from the Free Fire Soccer Royale spin:

  • Chrono Top Scorer Bundle
  • Samba Troupe
  • Iron Tank
  • Pampas Eagle
  • Golden Caffeine
  • Winged Hussar
  • Three Lions
  • Red Devils
  • Taeguek Tiger
  • Aztec Eagle
Soccer Royale Chrono Top Scorer
Chrono's Top Scorer bundle is also up for grab.
  • Carribean Hurricane
  • Inca Warrior
  • La Coq Gaulois
  • Navigator
  • Bullfighter
  • The Claw of Charrua
  • Polar Bear
  • White Hurricane
  • Red Sea Breeze
  • King of Lions
  • Blue Shores
  • Conquerors’ Blue
  • Shadows
Soccer Royale Rewards
Check out the available rewards.

Note: The prize pool will also include consumable items such as Bounty Card, Bonfire, Scanner, character fragments, and universal fragments.

How to Play The Soccer Royale Spin in Free Fire

Follow the steps below to access the spin and win your rewards:

Soccer Royale Spin
Spin to win items from the Luck Royale.
  • #1: Launch Garena Free Fire. Visit the Luck Royale section in the in-game store.
  • #2: Select the “Soccer Royale” event.
  • #3: Buy the number of spins you want.
  • #4: Hit "OK" to confirm when a dialog box appears. Continue spinning until you get the rewards you want.

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