The weapon skin system in Free Fire is one of the more unique parts of the game. They provide useful stats that improve your chance to defeat enemies. Garena has just added a new skin called "Merciless Necromancer" for the Kord LMG, one of the most powerful guns in the OB28 patch.

In this article, we are going to showcase how to get that skin and its attributes.

Merciless Necromancer Kord Skin
Merciless Necromancer Kord Skin event

About the Merciless Necromancer Kord Skin


Overall, the Merciless Necromancer has a purple theme, with golden decorative details. While the name suggests something skeleton-related, the decorative art on the gun's body is actually a tiger's head. Even the color of the bullets on the side of the gun is changed - they are all golden now. As this skin is only blue, there's no particle effect whatsoever.

Merciless Necromancer Kord Skin
Merciless Necromancer Kord Skin Appearance

Stat boosts

The Merciless Necromancer Kord skin boosts the range and accuracy of the weapon, at the cost of its magazine size. As the weapon already has a big magazine, this demerit is not much of a problem. With the extra range and accuracy, the Kord's machine gun mode is going to be even deadlier in mid-range combat.

Merciless Necromancer Kord Skin
Merciless Necromancer Kord Skin Stat Boost

It is almost like Garena is asking people to use the Kord, with all the buffs in recent patches... and this semi-free skin.

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How to get the Merciless Necromancer Kord Skin

Usually, players can only get premium skins like this by spending diamonds. However, this time, the Kord's loot crate can be purchased using gold. Non-spenders can now get the skin with the coin they have amassed. Players can purchase the crate from the store by spending 100 gold or 25 diamonds.

Merciless Necromancer Kord Skin
Merciless Necromancer Kord Skin Crate price

Even if you are a spender, it is best to just use gold to buy this skin. Save the diamonds for other opportunities. While the drop rate for the skin is only 2%... you can get up to 10 Merciless Necromancer tokens from a chest. The skin can be exchanged for 100 Merciless Necromancer tokens. Even if you are unlucky, it is still possible to get the grand prize with just gold.

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